WTF...... in Kronos Timekeeper

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WTF...... in Kronos Timekeeper


........In WTK

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday........

Calendars are great ways to look at date type information. Think of it, all the Mondays in a single column, then all the Tuesdays, the Wednesdays; all the days in their own column.  With just 4 rows you could see a whole month, 12 rows to a quarter and just over 50 lines gets you a full year. 

Now let's color code the boxes, red for coming in late, yellow for being sick, pink for taking a vacation day, and maybe green for attending training.  Now show me the hours worked on each day within the calendar, and maybe the future schedules for those days that have not even happened yet.   Pretty cool, I think I just invented a really neat work and absence calendar that will work for what I need. What a great way to summarize and view a few months work.

CalendarBefore we had our information computerized, we had what we called "benefit calendars" for tracking absences. We would grab a printed one page yearly calendar and highlight the vacation days and the sick days different colors. If an employee ever asked how many vacation days they had left, we would just count up the little colored squares to get the used amount and do the subtraction from the yearly allotment. It was pretty easy; a little work each day would reap benefits later on. What I described earlier is even better than this because it details the amount of hours worked on it too.

It would be really neat if you could tap on a day and then see the whole day's info without going somewhere else for the information. Welcome to the Calendar feature in Workforce Timekeeper. It offers a different view into your data. Here we can decide what information we want to see, and "color it in". Put a color outline around the day, fill it in a different color if something happened, label the day, write it in bold if they were early, use italics if they were late, or a different font if they had a long interval. You pick the visual cues to represent what is important to you. Have lots of important items you want to see? No problem, you can use multiple calendars. Use one for worked time, one for offered overtime, one for exceptions, one to track training, maybe one just to track people working on modified light duty. These are flexible and useful. They really are one of Kronos Workforce Central's hidden gems.


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