Where Did You Work Today? Department Transfers at a Kronos Terminal

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Where Did You Work Today? Department Transfers at a Kronos Terminal

One great feature of the 4500 Terminal is the ability of employees to record department transfers in real time without accessing their timecard. As most managers know, applying transfers in an employee’s timecard after the fact is a bit of a hassle; especially if the transfer took place in the first part of the day. Knowing where to apply the transfer punch, then the transfer and ensuring that it is correct is a fairly complex task. So get that off your plate!

Department transfers are simple to record on a 4500 and take very little time. 

Step 1:  Select the Action. 

In this example, the action is a department transfer. Generally this task is assigned to one of the blue soft keys on the terminal display. Select the task by pressing that soft key. Remember, in some cases there is a soft key to record ANY department transfer, and in some cases there is a soft key assigned to a specific department! Make sure you are using the right soft key!   

Step 2:  Identify Yourself. 

Now that the task has been selected, the terminal needs to know who this applies to. The employee is identified with the swipe of a badge (badge reader) or holding the badge up to the terminal (proximity reader) or by typing a badge number into the terminal using the numeric keypad. If a bio reader is used (the finger scanner) finger scanning comes next. Once the terminal recognizes the employee, it's time to move to the next step. If an error message appears, there is a problem with the badge physically (it's damaged in some way), or with the badge number (badge number may not have been assigned yet).  Regardless of the reason, it can't be fixed without the help of your manager. 

Step 3:  Record the transfer punch. 

This is done by either scrolling down to find the appropriate department number, or simply typing the department number in an appropriate field. In either case, make sure to select the correct department number. If you make a mistake here and the manager needs to make a timecard edit. (Weren't we trying to avoid this in the first place?) Once you select the appropriate department, the Enter key must be pressed. This tells the terminal that the task is complete so that it can send the information to the server, and the transfer is made in the timecard. The employee should take the time to verify the transfer as it shows up on the terminal screen. If a mistake was made, the manager must be contacted so the timecard can be corrected. 

It’s that simple. Kronos will know where to put the punch and where to assign the department transfer.  In most cases, the manager can view the timecard edit moments after it was made by the employee. 




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