Kronos Timekeeper Recording Labor Account Transfers at Start of Shift

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Kronos Timekeeper Recording Labor Account Transfers at Start of Shift

The labor account transfer has been recorded in Workforce Central as long as it’s been called Workforce Central! Having taught a few courses on different Kronos applications, I can tell you that is the truth. I also remember when teaching Workforce Timekeeper classes that the labor account transfer was generally taught from the middle or end of a shift; and unless asked, most classes didn't cover show how to record that same transfer if it occurred at the start of the shift. 

So let’s put another tool in your Manager’s Kronos Toolbox!

This latest ImprovLearning Quick Tip covers this task in an elegant and simple manner. The secret to completing this task is changing your perspective. 

When recording this type of transfer, the focus should be both on the home labor account and the transferred labor account. 

Both of the labor accounts must be recorded. By recording the time in the employee’s home labor account, it is much simpler to record the transfer. Really, all you need to do is identify the transfer time (the time the employee transferred from one labor account to another) then record the labor accounts (both the home labor account, AND the transfer labor account). It’s that easy! We hope this ImprovLearning Quick Tip is valuable for both you and your managers. Please let us know how we are doing by taking a moment and filling out the survey below. Oh, and thanks for watching! 

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