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Kronos Timekeeper - Recording Labor Account Transfers in the Middle or End of a Shift


So our last QuickTip illustrated the process of recording a labor account at the start of a shift. An underused and often confusing process to say the least. So even though most users are familiar with this type of labor account transfer, we decided to include a QuickTip on labor account transfers in the middle or end of a shift. Again, we are trying to change your perspective when recording this by asking the following questions: 

When? and Where?

... as in, when was the transfer, and where was the transfer? Two simple questions. Once you understand these, everything else is easy. Workforce Timekeeper makes it easy to record these types of edit in your employee's timecards, as long as you can figure out When? and Where? and know where to record them on the timecard. 

Please review this latest QuickTip and take a moment to share your thoughts. We kept the survey just about as short as humanly possible, hoping you would share your thoughts. We look forward to your feedback! 

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