QuickTip - Reviewing Exceptions in Workforce Timekeeper

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QuickTip - Reviewing Exceptions in Workforce Timekeeper

QuickTip - Reviewing Exceptions in Workforce Timekeeper

Possibly the most important task any manager does in Workforce Timekeeper is review punch exceptions. Now, as most manager know, the punch reviewed may require an edit, be it a comment and note, a cancelled meal deduction, or a change of punch interpretation. In some cases, there isn't anything that is needed. Just being aware of the existence of the exception is enough. 

How can you as a manager ensure that you have reviewed the time card exception in Workforce Timekeeper when no edit is required? 

There is a fairly new feature in Workforce Timekeeper called Marked Exceptions, and it fits the bill in this example. Managers can review an exception and mark it. Workforce Timekeeper gives the exception outline a new color, and all who review the exception know that it has been reviewed. It is a simple-to-use feature that has a primary role in the time card review process for many organizations out there in the Kronosphere. It may be useful to yours, so take a few minutes and review this QuickTip. Then take about 30 seconds and let us know what you think! 

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