Are You In? 5 Changes to Make at Work to Help Save the Planet

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Are You In? 5 Changes to Make at Work to Help Save the Planet

Are You In? 5 Changes to Make at Work to Help Save the Planet

No doubt, the seriousness of our environmental crisis demands a response but at the same time, the urgency can be overwhelming. Can one person or one business make even a small dent in huge issues like climate change, natural resource depletion, pollution, and so many other pressing issues? 

At Improv we're passionate about doing our 1% better each day. That's why we're part of the 1% for the Planet movement and commit 1% of our annual revenue to environmental initiatives across the globe. In 2018 alone, this organization helped direct over $25 million to environmental nonprofits around the world. 

While we can't solve these enormous issues alone, collectively, we can each do our part (our 1%) right where we are — and we can do it in the course of this workday. 

Here are a few ideas we’ve committed to at Improv that might inspire you to make your 1% shift at work this week. We hope you will join us!

5 Ways to Do 1% Better in the Workplace 

1. Purchase 1% better. Encourage your purchasing team to buy office products made from recycled material. Also, take stock of how paper, cans, bottles, and office equipment is recycled. Are recycling bins easily accessible? How is paper mail being recycled? Lead the charge to move your workplace into greener mindset. 

2. Work 1% better. Whenever possible, opt for digital communications over paper. And, avoid the temptation to print out documents or downloads. Rather than mailing or emailing documents (generates carbon) use electronic options such as DropBox, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, or Google Docs. The same goes for file folders — ditch 'em — and store important docs online. Also: Choose a video or phone call over driving to your next meeting to do your 1% to reduce emissions.

3. Hydrate 1% better. "Stop with the plastic water bottles at the office already!" our planet would likely scream if it could. Spearhead the effort to abolish plastic water bottles in your workplace. Encourage your company to provide a filtered water cooler and colleagues to carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. Oh, and that morning coffee stop? Purchase a reusable to-go cup or a travel mug — your barista will be happy to fill ’er up.

1% For the Planet and Improv4. Compute 1% better. Whenever possible, purchase or use a laptop over a desktop computer. A laptop uses about half the energy of a larger desktop computer. Choose machines with the Energy Star rating, which use 70 percent less energy than a non-certified model. When it comes to smartphones, recycle with  (our landfills collect 130 million mobile phones a year that leak lead and mercury into the ground).

5. Commute 1% better. If you drive to work, keep your car tuned up to save fuel and drive at a steady pace (inconsistent acceleration and braking wastes gas). Whenever possible, hop a car pool or take public transportation. If you work in an office, and it makes sense, propose a 3/2 workweek; three days in the office and two days working from home. If you have over 100 employees, a move like this can make a big impact on emissions. 

Being 1% better can easily become part of everything you do at work and home. It's little things — bending down to pick up trash on the ground, recycling paper and plastic, taking reusable bags to the grocery store, purchasing less and reusing items.

1% for the Planet is brings together like-minded individuals, businesses, donors and nonprofit organizations working together toward a common goal: protecting the future of our planet.

1% for the Planet pursues the planet's most pressing environmental issues. Individuals or companies can choose which issue that align most with their values. For more information on joining Improv in this movement, go to 1% for the Planet today. Or, give us a all at Improv and we'll be happy to get you rolling on this exceptional program.


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