Going Mobile: The Best Mobile Features of Kronos Version 8

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Going Mobile: The Best Mobile Features of Kronos Version 8

Going Mobile: The Best Mobile Features of Kronos Version 8

The way people work is changing. Instead of the traditional never-leave-my-cubicle workday, a mobile workforce is now the norm for many organizations. In fact, 3 out of 5 employees say they don’t need to be in the office to be productive. With employees becoming more on the go than ever, mobile technology is becoming a necessity for an organization’s survival.

67 percent of SMBs now view mobile solutions and services as “critical” to their businesses. [Click to Tweet this] Mobile devices add convenience, flexibility, and time back into an employee’s day. Mobile business computers alone, on average, add 51 minutes back into to an employee’s workday. During a typical workday, 32% of employees rely on at least one mobile device to complete their responsibilities. The mobile revolution not only benefits employees. Organizations who employ a mobile workforce see a 10% increase in revenue.

What does this mean for Workforce Management?

Kronos realizes how important it is to have a Workforce Management application that supports a mobile workforce. With the release of Workforce Central Version 8.0, Kronos has amped up their mobile offering, introducing enhanced mobile features. Here are the top mobile features your workforce will benefit from with WFC Version 8.0. 

1. Geo-Sensing & Geo-Fencing

The mobile features of Kronos Version 8.0 allow organizations to manage a “Free Agent Nation” seamlessly, moving and clocking employees in and out from any location. The mobile application enables two different mobile location services including: 

Geofencing: The process of enforcing employee punches to location boundaries.

Geofencing works by creating a barrier around certain organizational locations so that employees can only clock in and out when they are inside that barrier. If inside the approved boundary, employees can clock in and out from any approved location. The new feature allows for seamless management of mobile time keeping. 

Geosensing: The process of presenting location-specific data to arriving managers at location boundaries. 

Geo-sensing is a mobile-feature designed specifically for managers and organizations with multiple locations. When a manager enters a geo-fencing barrier, the geo-sensing application immediately presents the manager with location-specific data, such as store productivity and other KPI’s.

2. Employee Self-Services

Kronos Mobile now features the intuitive Employee Self-Service. Available from any iPhone or Android mobile device, this application allows employees to access the following:

  • Time Editing: Employees can add and edit punches, paycodes, comments and notes.

  • Multiple Project Tracking: Employees can track and edit time against different projects via their mobile device. This includes the ability to approve and sign off on timecards and edit durations, transfers, pay codes, comments, and notes.

  • HR/Payroll: Employees have access to all of their benefits, as well as their paystub history and landing pages.

The Employee Self-Service prevents time spent digging for answers to administrative issues and allows employees to focus on their work activities. Employees and managers can now edit punches, transfers, pay codes, comments and notes, all from their mobile device. In other words: mobile self-service goes hand in hand with employee productivity. 

3. Offline Mode:

Kronos has introduced a new offline punching capability to Kronos Mobile. The new feature allows employees to continue working without needing a phone network or application server access. When working in offline mode, an employee can use his/her mobile device to store time sheet data until the next time there is a network available. When the employee’s mobile device connects to a network, the data is recorded with all the proper information and timestamps.

The enhanced mobile features of Kronos Version 8.0 are designed to empower a mobile workforce. In today’s workplace, reliable mobile access is more than a convenience: it is a necessity. With the improved mobile capabilities of Workforce Central 8.0, organizations will be lined up for the highest levels of productivity from their workforce by giving them anytime and anywhere access. Version 8.0 is only the beginning. Kronos will be releasing even more new mobile features by December of 2015.

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