Got WIM? How to Save Time & Money by Integrating Your WFC Platform

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Got WIM? How to Save Time & Money by Integrating Your WFC Platform

Got WIM? How to Save Time & Money by Integrating Your WFC Platform

If you stop to inventory the different types of software needed to keep your workforce afloat, the numbers would likely make your head spin. IT spending is at an all time high and thanks to little developments like AI, machine learning, and automated performance management, those numbers are expected to leap by another 25 percent in the next year, according to Deloitte.

That’s where the power of Kronos WIM integration comes in.

If you use Kronos Workforce Central (WFC), your daily power and profit depends on making sure your system runs as efficiently as possible. This means making sure all your relevant software can talk to each other. Kronos Workforce Integration Manager, also known as WIM, streamlines the process of data sharing between a Kronos application and outside systems. Payroll, HR, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are just a few of the third party systems that can communicate with Kronos applications.

WIM allows you to integrate your Kronos application with multiple third-party systems and can handle even complex interface requirements. Here are just a few of the positive impacts WIM brings to your workflow and business processes. 

3 Benefits of WIM Integration

  1. Sharing labor data saves time.

    When managers can share labor data and eliminate manual tasks, they instantly gain time. WIM is the most efficient way to reliably transfer workforce data from WFC to a third-party application. WIM’s basic or complex configurations, as well as data manipulation, will extract, transfer, and convert data automatically. Complex interface requirements? No problem, they can be configured within WIM, giving you access to critical labor data every day. WIM allows you to transfer employee ID, total hours worked, and vacation time directly to a third party system. Managers can customize the WIM interface to run SQL queries that extract information from a number of separate sources into a single system. In addition, WIM simplifies the process of managing multiple interfaces, which can save managers valuable time. For example, The Last Run Summary provides a report of detailed information on the last interface run, allowing you to quickly see the last output file that was created via the interface.


  2. Streamlining systems saves money.

    If systems aren’t talking, money is being lost. WIM instantly closes information gaps in your WFM system's ROI by creating a powerful data exchange between all of your software. The process of creating, modifying and managing system interfaces and exchanges is complex. WIM allows managers to create and modify interfaces easily through drop-down menus, which eliminates the task of reprogramming complex code. Interface configuration and maintenance faster, easier, and more efficient. All of this eliminates the need to work with a separate interface vendor, which can minimize modification costs and delays.

  3. Consistency reduces errors.

    Keeping your systems synchronized is the key to avoiding data errors. By consolidating all the interfaces into one system, you can eliminate the need to consistently re-configure codes or manage a large of amount of separate interfaces. A single WIM installation will allow your organization to manage multiple different data sources and destinations. WIM can also convert data files into the desired format including: calculation, parsing, concatenation, SQL queries, and translation of data elements. If there are errors, the Last Output report allows manager to easily troubleshoot by looking at the details of the interface configuration, such as the name of each record, the source, and the description of relevant data conversion processes.

If used correctly, WIM allows your Kronos solution collaborate with other critical business solutions throughout your organization and dramatically impact your workflow. Taking the time to integrate will help you save time, money, and run your workforce more efficiently. 


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