The Improvizations team just returned from the Gartner Tech Conference in San Diego, California. Gartner is is the world's leading research and advisory company. The conference focused on the current state of digital disruption and highlighted the massive changes coming to the tech and software marketplace in the near future. The world of workforce management will experience some very exciting changes as vendors begin to re-platform, consumers prioritize innovation, and employees everywhere expect new consumer-grade apps to support their day-to-day work operations. Over the next couple weeks, we are going to dive into some of the major disruptions that are predicted to shift the world of Workforce Management. The first disruption we will tackle is the major migration to the cloud.


Get to the Cloud or Bust


By 2023, at least 95% of sales of new workforce management (WFM) applications will be deployed on the cloud. (Gartner, 2018)


There is a new generation of cloud-first WFM applications entering the market. In fact, multiple vendors are releasing applications built on cloud-first platforms featuring the latest frameworks designed to develop and manage APIs.


One of the most major releases is the launch of Kronos Workforce Dimensions. ADP concurrently released a new platform labeled ADP Workforce Manager. The timing of these releases is no surprise as ADP resells the Kronos' Workforce Central (WFC) product as ADP and is on track to continue this partnership with WFD.


The two new platforms are cloud-native, completely mobile-friendly, and driven by real-time data. Kronos continues to update their platforms with new functionality, making it increasingly easy to integrate with other systems.


“Gartner recommends that any organization with a noncloud-native WFM application should plan to migrate to a native cloud platform within the next 12 to 24 months.” (Gartner, 2018)


It is crucial that your organization begins to consider if migrating to the Kronos cloud is the right move. Moving to the cloud is the only way to fully take advantage of the innovation being delivered by these new platforms.


It is nearly impossible to disregard the benefits of moving to a cloud-native platform. Operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, higher product functionality and system performance, and better customer service are just a few of many Kronos Cloud benefits. Not to mention the incredible importance of having a disaster recovery plan or strategy in place.


Timing is everything when considering migration. Gartner anticipates that almost all vendors will migrate to a cloud-native architecture by 2027 - meaning any client that remains on a noncloud-native platform may find that their WFM vendor spends less resources on updating their legacy platforms, and will eventually be forced to migrate once the vendor has announced end of support for that platform. (Gartner, 2018) It is impossible to deny that the future of workforce management is in the cloud.


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