Kronos Dimensions: The Not-so-Distant Future…

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Kronos Dimensions: The Not-so-Distant Future…

Kronos Dimensions: The Not-so-Distant Future…


When you hear the word Dimensions, your mind moves you to another place and time; a place where spaceships and futuristic ideas come to life. The future is closer than ever with the release of Kronos Dimensions. Powered by the intelligent, industry-first Kronos D5 platform, Workforce Dimensions represents the next generation of workforce technology. The new software was developed through a challenge from Kronos CEO Aaron Ain to “come up with a software to replace Kronos.” The development team even came up with a code name, Team Falcon. Team Falcon was tasked with developing software that could put Kronos out of business. Did Team Falcon deliver on that promise? Is D5 everything they say it is? Quite possibly more, but it will tap into technology not yet used by current workforce management applications.

We all know that automation of critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management is still at the core of the most effective workforce management solutions. However, a new workforce solution needs to leverage the latest smart technology and security advances in order to stay relevant in an ever-evolving technology driven world. The underlying architecture, user experience, functionality, integration, data access, delivery, and support of Dimensions is designed to help organizations optimize their most valuable resource: human capital. Without the workforce of today, there is no progress for tomorrow.

Workforce Dimensions provides a management and employee experience from any place on any device – creating an environment where productivity is the primary focus. Labor is every organization’s most valuable resource and most controllable expense. When working with manual employee time and attendance tracking, it can be extremely difficult to manage labor expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and/or activities. Dimensions improves the efficiency of major workflows by allowing users to accomplish frequent tasks in one click, directly from the home page. Employees and managers can now view critical information at a glance through a flexible and intuitive interface. Hourly workers in the field now have complete mobile access to the same features as their desktop project timecard.

Kronos Dimensions also integrates with multiple user interfaces and applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, allowing user to inform both the system and their team of any absences. Through data views and reports, Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping simplifies access to the information needed to solve business issues by allowing all time and attendance data to be visualized, sorted, filtered, and exported according to user preference.

Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping is built on advanced cloud architecture specifically designed for speed and efficiency of scale. It works seamlessly across all digital touchpoints — all while reducing the burden on internal IT resources. Automatic software updates provide continuous access to the latest product features and updates. Avoid costly overtime, missed punches, and more with real-time alerts that let you act before problems occur.

Through the Kronos D5 platform, Workforce Dimensions lets you access all your data and offers powerful tools for real-time visualization and reporting. Data views provide real-time access to operational data and data-science solutions help address key workforce challenges. Improve workforce productivity with Ad-hoc reporting capabilities simplify data access and Data view drilldowns make analysis easy.

All of the amazing features included in Kronos Dimensions are giving Workforce management a bright future. Are you considering moving to Kronos Dimensions? If so, you may want to consider conducting an Implementation Audit. Download our whitepaper today to learn more about how an implementation audit can help you get the most out of your Kronos application.



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