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Kronos Releases Workforce Central Suite Version 8.0.13 Service Pack

Kronos Releases Workforce Central Suite Version 8.0.13 Service Pack

Kronos recently released the Workforce Central Timekeeper (WFC 8.0.13) service pack. Kronos Service packs provide Kronos users with the latest available product version upgrades, updates and enhancements, and documentation released during the agreement period, available on CD or downloadable from the Kronos customer portal. Downloading service packs when they are available is a crucial step in protecting your WFM investment and improving business performance.

The release notes for WFC 8.0.13 include product compatibility information, installation instructions, information about documentation updates and corrections, as well as descriptions of the issues that were resolved with this release. The service pack deals with the following: 

  • Accruals

  • Leave

  • Activities

  • Scheduler

  • Attendance

  • Task Management Budgeting (formerly known as “Operations Planner”)

  • Timekeeper

  • Device Manager

  • Worksheet

  • Forecast Manager

  • Success Factors

  • Integration Manager

What’s new?

Below are some of the new features included in the latest service releases. For a full list please visit the Kronos© Community site. There are multiple release documents so make certain you review all that pertain to your company, e.g. WFC, Kronos© HR/PY, Enterprise Archive, etc.

  • Workforce Central Timekeeper (WFC 8.0.13)

    • Historical Corrections (This is a brief list but we’ll have an upcoming blog regarding all the changes. Stay tuned!)

      • Specify money pay code for retro wage calculations

      • Enter effective date for payout

      • View comments and notes before saving historical edit

      • Edit/delete historical edit transaction

      • Process with an accrual overdraft

      • Review results before saving

      • Display totals in Genies in both historical and effective period

      • Audits add-on has been created to add to time card allowing view of historical edits post sign-off

    • Flexible Overtime Date Patters

      • Calculate overtime over a custom time period

    • Workforce Central Scheduler (WFC 8.0.13)

  • Enhanced performance of Schedule Planner Widget

  • Increases productivity and performance

  • New options for configuring widget for different users or scenarios (We’ll have a separate blog on this exciting new feature too!)

    • Hide Visual Shift Editor

    • Contextual Menus Replace Call outs

    • Simplified Tabular View

    • Instructions Bar for Quick Actions

    • Update Data Only On Demand

    • Disable Horizontal Scroll

    • Simplified Time Scale Coverage Add-on

  • Cost Per Volume Indicators

    • Addition of Cost per Volume and variance indicators to Metrics tab setup

  • Minor Rule

    • Define subset of days as a work week and use the Work Week Rule in Minor Rule Set

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