Did you know the total loss to a business from ineffective training is a staggering $13.5 million dollars per 1,000 employees?


Kronos is a substantial initial investment. With so much planning and weight put into selecting the application, organizations tend to forget one of the most effective ways to ensure ROI from their investment: training. Effective training not only increases ROI, it also engages and enables employees to do their job more effectively. 


In a recent survey, 56% of surveyed HR managers reported that training and development are essential business enablers, however their organizations do not work to increase employee-learning opportunities. Maximizing the potential and skills of your employees can optimize all other aspects of your organization. In order to get the most out of your application, it is of crucial importance that your organization creates and initiates a training plan. The ultimate goal of any Kronos training is user adoption.

We define user adoption as:


Presenting information about a new technology in such a way that it becomes an accepted part of an employee’s work day regimen, ensuring they understand it and accept it as part of what they do.


Although there are many benefits when Kronos is integrated, such as allowing an employee to perform more efficiently or giving a manager analytic information needed for scheduling, successful user adoption will ensure the highest level of ROI and long-term usage from the program. Here are a few key ways to make sure your Kronos Training plan creates user adoption within your workforce.


Here are some of the keys to successful Kronos Training:


1. Build a dynamic training plan built around specific user, task, policy, learner and logistic analysis.

2. Hire instructors who are Facilitators of Learning. Learning is not directed by instructors, instead, it is supported by them.

3. Consider long-term support. Hire a team who can be there before training begins, and after training is complete to support your team through the Kronos growing pains.

4. Customize your Learning Materials. Curriculum and learning tools be customized for each organization, and reflecting the tasks and real world situation employees face.


Are you ready to start your Kronos Training? If so, now is the ideal time to start building your training framework. A Kronos training framework is the starting point in identifying the needs of your complete training plan. It is not to be confused with a final, detailed training document, but is extremely helpful for organizing preliminary thoughts and planning. If you are ready to start planning your Kronos Training or learning event, you can download Improvizations' training framework by clicking on the button below. 



Most companies use less than 50% of Kronos workforce management software functionality. How much utilization do you have?

Would you benefit from a process that helps your organization verify your Kronos configuration and associated processes to ensure you are making the most of your Kronos application?

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