Kronos Workforce Central Version 8.0 is Officially Java Free

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Kronos Workforce Central Version 8.0 is Officially Java Free

With the release of Kronos Workforce Central Version 8.0.11, Kronos is now officially completely Java-free.

The release of WFC Version 8.0 brought with it over 500 new features, a new and improved platform, and an optimized user experience. The new user platform, along with intuitive and accessible reporting and analytics, reflects that message clearly by removing multiple previous limitations.Workforce Central V8.0.11 has eliminated the reliance on client-side Java. All Java applets now have Java-free replacements, including:

  • Workload Planner, which is a part of Scheduler.

  • Quick Time Stamp Offline – A new installation kit is available.

All Setup pages are now Java-free. The process to replace client-side Java, which began with Workforce Central 8.0, has been completed and the remaining setup pages have been redesigned and are Java-free. When you apply the V8.0.11 service release, these Setup pages will be replaced automatically with the non-Java version. Functionality is unchanged.

If you apply the V8.0.11 service release to an already-configured Workforce Central system, your existing navigators are unchanged. If you are using a Java applet as a Single Link, the applet will continue to work. Although it is still possible to include some Java content in navigator, you are strongly encouraged to remove and replace applet content with its non-Java replacement.

For more information, you can visit the Customer Portal at the following URL:

The release of the highly-anticipated Kronos Version 8.0 revolutionized the Kronos user experience. The new and improved platform boasts  enhanced industry capabilities, Global Deployments, and intuitive reporting and analytics. Kronos introduced over 500 new features between versions 7.0 and 7.07. Version 8.0 contains all those and many more. The new features and functionality are motivating organizations to start asking the question, "Should we upgrade to Kronos Version 8.0?"

Although the latest version promises invaluable new features, functionality, and no Java, the drastic change of upgrading to Kronos WFC Version 8.0 can be intimidating. New functions, visuals, and operating systems can cause employees to dread engaging with the upgraded application. With any big change or upgrade comes an element of risk. Strategically planning if, when, and how to upgrade your Kronos application will help eliminate some of that risk. A thorough analysis of both the risks and benefits will aid in making the best decision for your organization’s WFM success. You can take the first step towards making the decision to upgrade by downloading our presentation, "Should You Upgrade?" below! 



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