KronosWorks 2017 - one of the most exciting years in Workforce Management to date! Improvizations unveiled our first themed booth – Game of Kronos. We enjoyed the opportunity to get in the photobooth with all of the KronosWorks attendees – even the CEO of Kronos, Aron Ain, joined in the fun! 



Beyond #GameofKronos, Kronos announced the release of their new product: Workforce Dimensions – a revolutionary platform designed to completely change the way we do workforce management. Dimensions is the culmination of more than 3 years of work and $150 million of engineering investment. Designed to usher in the future of Workforce Management, Dimensions focuses on three key goals:


Work Your Way — Delivers the kind of experience that empowers and engages the workforce, from any place on any device.


Work Smarter — Streamlines workforce management practices and delivers insights to help make better business decisions.

Work in a Modern Cloud — Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technologies and coexist seamlessly with our customers’ existing systems.


Here are some of the biggest features associated with Workforce Dimensions:


Work in a Modern cloud

Workforce Dimensions gives organizations the ability to work with flexible data architecture, meaning they have complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis – completely negating the need for custom reports. The fast in-memory computing instantly delivers KPI’s and analytics without a data warehouse. With a completely unified domain model, application integration is taken to a new level with on the fly edits and updates. Workforce Dimensions, like Workforce Ready, will be completely hosted in the Google Cloud.


Work Your Way

The impressive user-interface of Workforce Dimensions creates a stunning new user experience that can be completely personalized by the users. One-click actions simplify the completion of every day tasks while the innovative self-scheduling capabilities leverage ratings and preferences to give every employees control over how their schedules get built. Dimensions even features a definable Manager home screen that uses actionable tiles for managing schedules, attendance, and more.


Work Smarter

Real-time data projections, embedded analytics, a KPI builder, and more… these are just a few of the ways Dimensions allows workforces everywhere to work smarter. The advanced Workforce Advisor delivers recommendations and insight to simplify timecard and time-off approvals while the machine learning delivers enhanced forecast accuracy by up to 25%.


How is all of this possible?

Kronos is introducing the Kronos D5 Platform – an open platform for easy integration and extensions that enables predictive and intelligent solutions for processing large volumes of data. Flexible and adaptable rules manage suite interactions that unifies all data access in simple business terms.


Five things make the D5 Platform unique:


1. A robust API framework that provides extensibility and simplifies integration to other systems.


2. Artificial Intelligence that drives smart, predictive solutions by learning from operational data and manager decisions.


3. Blazing fast in-memory cloud computing efficiently delivers time calculation, reporting, and instant computation of KPIs and analytics – all at massive scale.


4. A flexible domain model based on decades of workforce management experience provides flexibility and consistency across the suite.


5. A unified information architecture gives complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis with no need for special technical expertise. In addition, Kronos D5 Platform runs in the Google public cloud, leveraging Google’s substantial investments in global infrastructure, security and ongoing innovation.


The first Dimensions customers are expected to go live in early March. Although the release of Dimensions is exciting, Kronos has promised to support all WFC customers for at least 10 years. Improvizations is looking forward to helping current and future customers get the most out of their existing investment – or possibly move over to Workforce Dimensions in the future!


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