Not Familiar with JETT Script? Don’t Let It Stop you from Using the Kronos Operational Reporting Feature

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Not Familiar with JETT Script? Don’t Let It Stop you from Using the Kronos Operational Reporting Feature

Not Familiar with JETT Script? Don’t Let It Stop you from Using the Kronos Operational Reporting Feature

Kronos Workforce Central is the ultimate tool for organizations managing large amounts of detailed labor data. When properly integrated with business processes, Kronos WFC will allow organizations to report on weekly performance metrics allowing management to make more informed business decisions and increase profitability. The increased visibility into labor data helps to support continuous operational improvement as well as centralize processes through the organization to provide consistency within HR systems. One of the most underutilized tools within Kronos WFC is the reporting.

As of Workforce Central v7 a great reporting tool became available – Operational Reporting. The tool allows users to upload Excel templates into WFC for reporting purposes. The feature is standard with Workforce Central v7 and v8 and works for both premise and Kronos Private Cloud based customers. For those comfortable with updating or creating new templates, it is recommended that the document be scanned for viruses before loading since it will be stored in your Kronos database. This is required for Cloud customers and the user will receive a warning if a virus is detected.

For WFC users that are leery about creating templates or System Administrators that prefer not to give access to users, you can still use the standard templates that Kronos has provided. The Operational Reports can be found under the normal WFC Reports feature. They are listed with (Spreadsheet Export) behind the report name and are located under the All, Scheduler and Time card options. The location might be slightly confusing for some of the spreadsheet exports, e.g. Person Details (Spreadsheet Export) is located under Scheduler reports. This export contains the Person Editor fields in an Excel Spreadsheet. It is extremely useful when first implementing Kronos Workforce Central, checking assignments when upgrading or verifying values when updating your Person Import. Another one that is handy when testing or reviewing issues is the Time Detail (Spreadsheet Export). This report includes punches, transfers, pay code edits, comments, notes, exceptions and total hours. Once you have the export, you can edit, sort and filters the columns via Excel.

Reporting can be a powerful tool allowing managers access to real-time labor data, allowing the comparison between actual hours to the standard. The ability to track and export these types of reports is crucial to supporting day-today operational decision making as well as providing insight into making long-term strategic decisions. 

If you have further questions regarding this feature, you can contact Improvizations below or review the Workforce Central Getting Started with Excel-based Operational Reporting guide on the Kronos Community site.

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