Racism: The Larger Pandemic that Demands a Cure

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Racism: The Larger Pandemic that Demands a Cure

Racism: The Larger Pandemic that Demands a Cure

The events of the past week have changed us.

We can’t unsee the video that captures the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police. Nor do we want to because taking an honest look at this shameful reality is a critical step in changing it.

The moment we’re standing in demands a solemn pause, a moral inventory, and a unified commitment to change.

Editor's Note: This post is a commentary written by the Improv content team.

The ongoing protests, that have now spread across all 50 states, have placed the systematic injustice and racism historically directed toward the black community where it should be — directly in front of us. 

We stand in solidarity with the black community and its message to stop racial injustice once and for all. Indeed, enough is enough.

Like you, we’re brokenhearted and outraged as more injustice and suffering come to light. However, our shared brokenness and anger can’t begin to compare to the rage so many in the black community feel every day.

Racial injustice in America is the larger pandemic upon us. Discrimination and hate has taken more lives throughout history than any virus. This generational contagion will continue to take lives if we fail to stand up together for change. 

We’re not sure how to begin making this seismic shift but trust clear solutions to surface as we work together and refuse to allow this dehumanizing issue disappear with the next news cycle.

What we can do, starting today — in our homes, workplaces, and communities — is to be more intentional, honest, and compassionate in conversations on racism. 

For now, we listen, we learn, and we lament. 

And, we give our support to those demanding the same justice, freedom, and hope this country promises every man, woman, and child.

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Opportunities to Give.

There are a number of amazing organizations working to help end racial discrimination. We've chosen to make a donation this week to the NAACP, the most widely-recognized civil rights organization. Will you join us?

Other organizations to consider include: Equal Justice Initiative and The Center for Policing Equity, EmbraceRace, Black Lives Matter and the Centre for Policing Equity.


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