The #1 Factor that Can Make or Break Your Kronos ROI

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The #1 Factor that Can Make or Break Your Kronos ROI

The #1 Factor that Can Make or Break Your Kronos ROI

You did your homework, found and pitched the best solution, and spent countless hours making sure your Kronos platform’s rollout was epic. But months, even years later, your Kronos ROI isn’t where you hoped.

Don’t worry. You chose the right software platform and your rollout was impressive for sure. But the one element — the critical, ROI-generating element — you may have overlooked? Training. Not just the basic training that came with your WFM purchase but the comprehensive, customized training that supports your people and your workforce requirements for the long run.The numbers tell the story. Businesses suffer an alarming $13.5 million per 1,000 employees loss due to ineffective training. And, according to Gartner, companies experience a 17% loss of productivity annually due to unsuccessful user adoption strategies.

To get the ROI you imagined from your Kronos platform you will need to get buy-in from the people using the technology every day — your workforce. And the best way to get that buy-in and measurable commitment from your staff is to create and execute a solid training plan.

Successful user adoption means making sure you execute a training plan that engages people in a relevant, real-world way that inspires them to embrace Kronos for the long-term. 

5 Ways to Your Kronos Training

  1. Get a plan. Sounds simple but many Kronos users focus more on the shiny new features of the technology and neglect creating a real-world training plan for the people using it. Building a dynamic training plan around specific users, tasks, policies, learners, and logistic analysis, is the first step to boosting your company’s Kronos adoption rate. Workforces are as different as wildflowers — each one has a personality (culture) and color (objectives) all it’s own. Making sure your training plan reflects your workforce is key to designing a training plan that renders results.adults-analysis-brainstorming-1661004

  2. Don’t instruct, equip. Hire instructors who are facilitators of learning, not directors of learning. That means your training plan should be focused on upskilling and equipping, not snooze-inducing. A training plan should have hands-on, relevant learning opportunities that empower employees to personally master the new technology.

  3. Consider long-term support. Training isn’t a one and done event. It’s an ongoing process that evolves alongside your workforce needs. That’s why hiring a team that can be there before training begins, and after training is complete, to support your team through the Kronos growing pains is always a great idea.

  4. Customized learning materials. The best training plans have a curriculum and learning tools that are customized for each department of your organization. Materials should reflect the tasks and real world situations employees face. Don’t be afraid to get creative with materials and employees will likely return the favor with enthusiasm and adoption.

  5. Change Enablement. It’s not uncommon to overlook the impact a software change can have on an organization. Employees can appear as if they are happily absorbing technology changes as management introduces them. But people are not shock absorbers. There can be resistance and frustration underneath a technology adoption if a change is handled poorly. Studies show that employees suffering from change-related stress perform 5% worse than the average employee, which translates to a $32.5 million ding per $1 billion in revenue. 

Does your organization need a real-world training plan to boost Kronos efficiency and ROI?

The Improv team has helped companies just like yours build dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly training programs that work. 

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