Kronos Workforce Timekeeper: Adding Comments and Notes to a Punch

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2013

Providing better information to a Kronos Timecard 

Managing timecards for your employees requires a lot of review and understanding. For example, when an employee forgets to punch, who will be adding that punch? More often than not, you are assigned that responsibility. Now, can you just add the punch with the time you thought the employee came to or left work? No, you need to confirm this with your employee. Once they confirm the time they arrived or left, you need to add that punch. Here is the catch. Once you add that punch, Workforce Timekeeper no longer considers that punch “missing”. An easy way to ensure that this punch was missing originally is to assign a comment and note. 

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Kronos HR/PR: What Is Your Policy On...Policies?

Jeff Millard — Jan 2013

When you look at medical or life insurance policies there are generally two layers to them. There is the big concept, large-type section and, of course, the infamous minute detail, small-print section where the gnashing of arcane points is explicitly called out with mathematical precision. Written Pay & Leave Policies in most companies are the same with the big ideas called out in the HR/PR Policy docs and the hair-splitting details called out in…well? Where are all those pay precedence, rounding precision, cascade sequence, over limit, allow less than zero policies documented?  In most companies you actually have to look at the configuration code – Payrules, Workrules, Paycodes, Leave Cascades, etc to know what will really happen when various work and leave hours are run thru the mill. Is this best practice?     

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Out with the Old - In with the New: A Kronos WFC Maintenance Tip

Jeffry Charnow — Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

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Balancing Communication For Workforce Central Project Success

Mathew Tavolacci — Nov 2012

You have done it! You have just kicked off your latest Workforce Central project. As a Kronos Implementation team member, you know that you have a lot of knowledge and information that you need to transfer to the client. As a client project team member, you want to know as much as you can about the new software and how to get the most out of it that you can and show a good ROI.

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Key Elements for Managing your Kronos Project: Starting the Journey

Cindy Hagen — Aug 2012

Have you been selected to manage a Kronos project in your organization? Congratulations! Leading a Kronos project is challenging, fast-paced and sometimes trying. But in the end, it’s a lot of fun to cross the go-live finish line with your team and deliver a unique and valuable WFM solution to your organization. 

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Workforce Timekeeper QUALITY Training in the Retail Environment

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2012

Anyone who has experience will tell you that the retail market (as opposed to manufacturing, health care or government/education) is very unique. When planning a Workforce Timekeeper upgrade or implementation, a critical aspect of the overall success and adoption of the system is application/system training; a top consideration should be: How can Workforce Timekeeper training be adapted to the retail environment? This is by no means an in-depth blog entry, but more of a quick review, the main ideas expressed here can be used to develop something more individualized for a retail organizations individual needs. So let's start:

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NGUI Training...Training what Kronos Says Doesn't Need Training

Dwain Lambrigger — Jun 2012

So a few years ago, I was shopping with my wife and she found what must have been the most beautiful sweater ever made. The color and fabric were perfect for me; it was cool! I know this because those were her exact words. Anyway, I tried it on and found it to be a little itchy. "Don't worry about it," my wife replied, "that will go away after a few washings, besides, it's on sale!" Well, guess what, it's been washed 10 to 15 times by now, and though it still looks cool, the thing continues to itch like crazy. I purchased something I really liked, but was less than happy with so I could save money.

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