CLEAN UP KRONOS! (Just when Mom thought it was safe to come in your room)

Jeffry Charnow — May 2012

Oh those fond memories of Mom standing in my door telling me to clean up my room...But I didn't use it!! It’s not mine!! It's too hard and there's WAY too much stuff! No matter, just put it back where it belongs. Who am I kidding? I still hear this from my wife! These same rules apply to Workforce Timekeeper.

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Kronos Eats Little Kids!

Jeff Millard — May 2012

The Greek titan of time, “Kronos” (or Cronus) in addition to spawning the name of the company we all know and love, also had many children. Most of these he ate. Or at least swallowed until, Zeus, one of the survivors grew up and forced Kronos to disgorge his siblings. Such abuse was apparently common during the so called Golden Age of Greek mythology.  Another famous Greek, Plato, is known for his own perspective on the abuse of things… namely poets and or poetry. Apparently much nerdier folks than I have spilled a lot of ink debating whether Plato disliked poetry or the poets themselves. As far as I have read he never ate any of them. Plato did, however, coin a very interesting (dare I say poetic) admonition: “Banish the abuse, not the thing”. 

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What was my Kronos Timekeeper password again?

Jeffry Charnow — May 2012

What is my Kronos Timekeeper password again????????

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A look back and forward at KRONOS and HR BPO

Jeff Millard — Apr 2012

Oh to be back in high-school school again; but now armed with today’s great buzzwords.  

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Kronos Workforce Central Employee Effective Dating (Part 1)

Raymond Ney — Apr 2012

Mark your calendars and let’s talk about dates, specifically employee effective dates! I’d like to start off by posing some questions that came up during a recent implementation for an employee import:

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Revisiting a Quick Q&A on PTO in Workforce Timekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — Mar 2012

There has been a lot of feedback that has come my way regarding the questions that were answered in the last blog entry on PTO. The purpose of this entry is to expand on those answers, clarify them and provide a little more substance to them. So let's look at these questions again...

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Jeff Millard — Mar 2012

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