Your Kronos Test Script, What's Really at Steak?

Jeffry Charnow — Mar 2012

A coworker and I decided to reward ourselves after a hard day’s work. You know – look for an oasis away from work where you can forget about everything for at least a little while.
We were in a steak house looking over a really great menu when we came across the 72 oz Steak Challenge. You have probably heard about these contests before, eat the whole thing and it's free. This was one of the most well defined contests I have ever seen. Seriously, just look at these rules:

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Kronos Workforce Central New Features (Saving the Best for Last)

Raymond Ney — Feb 2012

For those following the Kronos New Feature Series, this will be the last article in the series – THE END! However, comment posting will still be available for the entire series. We talked about new features available to customers upgrading to the most current version of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. The prior articles covered why an organization might use some of the new Workforce Central (WFC) features and why they should consider upgrading. Simply speaking, what’s in it for us? What is this talk about an “Upgrade Studio”? So let's wipe the dust off that old Kronos version and weigh if the change is worthwhile.

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Recording Vacation Time in Kronos Timekeeper... In the Schedule?

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2012

So it’s the middle of the week and you receive a time off request from one of your employees. You know, that nice form that you can’t file away until you record it in the employee’s timecard. The time off request is not for another month. Do you wait it out, hoping the paper request doesn't get lost? How about making life easier for both you and your employee by recording that vacation time in the employee’s schedule? 

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Kronos Training for the Rest of Us - Part III

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2012

This is a continuation of the blog series dealing with non technical learners training on Workforce Timekeeper. In this entry, I will discuss how we should build training materials for non-technical learners understanding Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. In previous entries in this series, I discussed some of the characteristics of non-technical learners, why they are not technical, and how to adapt to them. We should take into consideration these learners both when developing materials and in training events. So lets revisit some of the tactics we should take when building learning materials.

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Now We Have Kronos Timekeeper, It's Payroll Time! Part I

Dwain Lambrigger — Jan 2012

You are a payroll manager who has recently learned that the parent company is requiring you to use Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. They have been on the system for years, however, they are now requiring all of the satellite businesses to implement it as well. I can’t get into the detail, but I will review the basic steps required. As an overreaching policy for all of these steps, make sure you are as accurate as possible, and that you completely finish one step before starting another. In this first of two entries, we start to understand how Workforce Timekeeper fits into your payroll process. 

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The Good, The Bad & the Tardy; Unintended Kronos Attendance Tracking Consequences

Jeff Millard — Nov 2011

Attendance problems are often at the top of the list whenever HR managers are surveyed as to where they spend the majority of their time. Without automation it can be an extremely burdensome and complicated process to define and track tardies, absences, and leaves not to mention the warnings, counseling sessions, and termination protocols called out by company/union polices when employees cross various thresholds. Throw in different policies across difference unions and/or departments within the same organization and the chances of doing this accurately and consistently without software enforcing the rules becomes almost zero.

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Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

Bryan deSilva — Sep 2011

I just read an article from a completley different discipline and am really happy to see that some truths are common everywhere. Ken Kaufman is a blogger I follow for Financial and Accounting guidance. He writes about all sorts of stuff from Customer Service to CFO goodies and I generally agree with his point of view. This particualar article talks about a topic near and dear to all of Improvizations Kronos Consultants,

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