Now Hiring! - Workforce Central Job Aids and Training Material

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

On a recent venture when working with a Kronos customer we identified some questions on ownership, responsibilities, and some questions on delegation. These (fill in the blank) items come at a time when everyone seems to have opaque job or career visions. When implementing a Kronos Timekeeper system for the first time or implementing change in an organization, we all want to be successful! This article covers some of the finer points. Interested? Continue reading!

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Kronos Change Management; It's the Individual, Dummy!

Dwain Lambrigger — Jul 2011

The need for training is a sign of change. The implementation of Kronos Workforce Central is a great example of that. When managing change it is easy to focus on what is changing, the effect on the organization as a whole, and how vast numbers of employees will will make the change, however without a specific focus on how the change will affect the individual, the management of change can't be completely successful. 

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I know people who know Kronos and how to manage the inevitable CHANGE

Bryan deSilva — Jun 2011

Love this blog entry I found in my Twitter feed

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You want Kronos 6.2 with that?

Jeff Millard — May 2011

A customer of ours has engaged us to help them re-engineer their Kronos timekeeping and scheduling environment. We recently suggested to them that upgrading to the latest version of Kronos from their slightly earlier version might be desirable as part of the project already underway. Although some leeway was granted to do a test upgrade and assess the pros and cons, the idea was nixed before a formal review was completed.

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Don't upgrade Kronos Workforce Central

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2010

I just read Wayne Eckerson's article "Do Your Team a Favor: Stop Acting Like IT" about how messy systems get and that they are upgraded over and over without much strategic (or tactical) thought. Wayne wants teams to be more like business people and less like IT. Make choices on value rather than cool stuff. What? Is he kidding?

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Costing the Kronos Compensation Complexity; back into the sea!

Jeff Millard — Nov 2010

In my last blog I told a brief ‘sea story’ about my first experience in getting and not getting differential pay while working on a boat. (Kronos Supplemental Pay; A Sea Story ) I raised the issue that although many companies have no problem coming up with new and complicated differential/supplemental pay schemes, none of us seem to be able to associate the overhead cost of maintaining these schemes year after year. In putting this question out to my loyal readership, both of you commented with some insight about the issue.

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The Kronos & PeopleSoft & every other software Change Control Guide

Bryan deSilva — Feb 2010

Upgrading complicated software, such as Kronos and PeopleSoft can be a challenge at best. Typically, this process takes up to six months with many hours of testing, design and development. There are several key elements that every organization needs in order to effectively maintain change control: standardization of customization's, updated documentation, standardized testing requirements. Maintaining these requirements helps improve the quality of an upgrade and improved SOX and SAS-70 requirements.

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