Planning Kronos Organizational Change for your Workforce

Raymond Ney — Jul 2012

I recently had the opportunity to work with a client that implemented a new HRPR system. Along with infrastructure changes they also had an interesting structural change that restructured all positions in their existing Kronos system. Those changes needed to be reflected in Kronos Workforce Timekeeper and Scheduler. They needed to expand the existing organizational hierarchy to allow for an additional level at the top of the structure and expand existing levels to allow for more characters. Post the change, scheduling and labor accounting can now be done with the added level. In addition, since there are more digits for level entries, it reduced the amount of level entries to go through for a transfer or employee assignment.

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Jeff Millard — Mar 2012

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Kronos Workforce Central New Features (Saving the Best for Last)

Raymond Ney — Feb 2012

For those following the Kronos New Feature Series, this will be the last article in the series – THE END! However, comment posting will still be available for the entire series. We talked about new features available to customers upgrading to the most current version of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. The prior articles covered why an organization might use some of the new Workforce Central (WFC) features and why they should consider upgrading. Simply speaking, what’s in it for us? What is this talk about an “Upgrade Studio”? So let's wipe the dust off that old Kronos version and weigh if the change is worthwhile.

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Why do we do stupid things during our Kronos Implementation?

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2011


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Now Hiring! - Workforce Central Job Aids and Training Material

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

On a recent venture when working with a Kronos customer we identified some questions on ownership, responsibilities, and some questions on delegation. These (fill in the blank) items come at a time when everyone seems to have opaque job or career visions. When implementing a Kronos Timekeeper system for the first time or implementing change in an organization, we all want to be successful! This article covers some of the finer points. Interested? Continue reading!

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Kronos Change Management; It's the Individual, Dummy!

Dwain Lambrigger — Jul 2011

The need for training is a sign of change. The implementation of Kronos Workforce Central is a great example of that. When managing change it is easy to focus on what is changing, the effect on the organization as a whole, and how vast numbers of employees will will make the change, however without a specific focus on how the change will affect the individual, the management of change can't be completely successful. 

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I know people who know Kronos and how to manage the inevitable CHANGE

Bryan deSilva — Jun 2011

Love this blog entry I found in my Twitter feed

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