What the Dell Boomi Buzz is All About and Why Your Company Can't Afford to Ignore it

Toni Birdsong — Sep 2019

If you lifted the hood on just about any company’s IT environment, you’d find an engine that houses legacy systems, databases, and an abundance applications that live both on-premise and in the cloud. While the technology engine is powerful, much of it can’t talk to each other. This integration deficit means a lot of organizations today have enough horsepower to cruise but not enough to compete long-term. 

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7 Things to Consider Before Making the Move to Workforce Dimensions

Toni Birdsong — Jun 2019

Kronos recently announced that its latest cloud-based workforce management solution, Dimensions, ranked #1 in Ventana Research's Workforce Management Value Index.

While this latest report is a high-five for Kronos' newest platform, some clients are still on the fence about the timing of a Dimensions migration. We get it. Our clients have questions about Dimensions every day.

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5 Proactive Steps to Keep You In Front of Workforce Compliance

Toni Birdsong — Jun 2019

Paper processes. Sticky notes. Green ledgers. Spreadsheets. Hand calculators. Entering and re-entering data. Multiple payroll imports. 

No, this isn't your assistant's shopping list for Office Depot. Rather, these are telltale signs that your organization's labor and payroll processes — while technically 'still working' — are most likely not compliant.

Workforce compliance is complicated and time consuming, no doubt. It's also expensive if you ignore it. 

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