What was my Kronos Timekeeper password again?

Jeffry Charnow — May 2012

What is my Kronos Timekeeper password again????????

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Blogging on Caffeine

Jeff Millard — Apr 2012

One of my “am I really the only one who sees this problem?” complaints is about the lack of cream at coffee houses. You can find various kinds of flavorings, ‘creamers’ and ‘whiteners’ but the state of the art at most places seems to be milk or, at best, half-and-half. I’m actually more upset about vendors considering any white substance cream and customers accepting it. (I recently had a 10 minute discussion with a barista about their lack of cream while she stared at me quizzically with a carton of half-and-half in her hand saying “But I just refilled the creamer!?!?”). We both walked away scratching our heads.

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Kronos Workforce Central New Features (Saving the Best for Last)

Raymond Ney — Feb 2012

For those following the Kronos New Feature Series, this will be the last article in the series – THE END! However, comment posting will still be available for the entire series. We talked about new features available to customers upgrading to the most current version of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. The prior articles covered why an organization might use some of the new Workforce Central (WFC) features and why they should consider upgrading. Simply speaking, what’s in it for us? What is this talk about an “Upgrade Studio”? So let's wipe the dust off that old Kronos version and weigh if the change is worthwhile.

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Quick Q&A on recording PTO in Workforce Timekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — Jan 2012

Here are a few quick answers to the most common questions we get about recording vacation time (PTO) in WFC.

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How Totals are...well...Totaled in Kronos Workforce Timekeeper

Jeffry Charnow — Jan 2012

There is a lot of talk about Kronos Workforce Timekeeper and the Totalizer. Whereas the IT types and system administrators know this stuff, what about the rest of us? Well, here is a quick introduction and explanation of the Totalizer. 

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Kronos Workforce Central New Timecard Features

Raymond Ney — Jan 2012

We are continuing with the New Feature Series for Workforce Central (WFC). Several key improvements made in the newest version of WFC are in the timecard. Kronos evolves the timecard in every new version of WFC. Some of the changes are small, and others more significant. Gaining perspective from another industry, I think about how watching television has evolved and advanced over time. There are some similarities to the evolution of both the WFC Timecard and TV. Both allow you to do more, are easier to use, and save time. 

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Using Bigger and Better Rounds in Kronos Timekeeper

Jeffry Charnow — Dec 2011

Hey, why do we bother using punch rounding when interval rounding is so much easier to understand?

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