Kronos Pay Rule Complexity-- the shocking preliminary data

Jeff Millard — Nov 2010

As both my loyal readers know, in the backdrop of my day job I am continuing to research a white paper study on the lifetime cost of supplemental pay rules. Not the cost of the pay itself but the overhead in tracking and delivering it. (See: Kronos Supplemental Pay; A sea story ) In the back drop of that I am building a new office space at the house. As I have been tearing down walls, adding electrical, network, and speaker wiring (okay it might be part man-cave) I’ve been constantly reminded of the wisdom of a home builder I once met. He said “You pay for extra space you don’t need four times—First to build it, then to furnish it, then to heat it and then to cool it.” Even the ‘build it’ part has its own micro escalation.

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Costing the Kronos Compensation Complexity; back into the sea!

Jeff Millard — Nov 2010

In my last blog I told a brief ‘sea story’ about my first experience in getting and not getting differential pay while working on a boat. (Kronos Supplemental Pay; A Sea Story ) I raised the issue that although many companies have no problem coming up with new and complicated differential/supplemental pay schemes, none of us seem to be able to associate the overhead cost of maintaining these schemes year after year. In putting this question out to my loyal readership, both of you commented with some insight about the issue.

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Kronos Supplemental Pay; A Sea Story

Jeff Millard — Oct 2010

The year I turned 12 I went to sea. Yeah… I know, this sounds like one of those stories Grandpa would tell you when you needed to be reminded how soft you kids have it now and how much harder it was then. I will confess my motive in telling you this story in a moment but for now just realize it it is true—my mother really did put me on a plane from California to British Columbia, all by myself, to work aboard the Lloyd B. Gore, a 128ft, 250 ton tugboat in the summer of 1979. I learned two big lessons. First, don’t ever tell immigration officials the purpose of your visit is to ‘go to sea and work on the docks’ (something about work visas, child labor trafficking and other sensitivities). Second, I learned about the value of Differential (aka: Supplemental) Pay first hand.

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Kronos can have multiple Callable Totalizers

Bryan deSilva — Jun 2010

Would you like Dramatic Response Time Improvements?

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Send me your Kronos Pay Codes

Jeff Millard — May 2010

"150% 2/3rds Funeral Leave Pay". As far as I know, this pay code is still in play at a large corporation. It is apparently the intersection of two pay polices. One that says you get 2/3rds of your pay if you need to take leave to attend a funeral and another policy that pays time and a half if you are scheduled to work a schedule not your normal schedule. Yes, even if you were actually on leave. Apparently it was still in use...Why? Because everybody knew that if you had to go to a funeral you changed your schedule with a  buddy and you got your full pay (actually 99.9 % of it) and he or she got time and half. On account of the funeral... Well, I suppose if it was your buddy's funeral and he failed to show up for your scheduled time he would only make 99.9% of his normal pay too. Which isn't half bad when you are 100% dead or not actually working.

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Rounding or Exceptions? Kronos Timekeeper Config Options

Bryan deSilva — Dec 2009

I'm in a meeting with a local organization the other day and in response to some questions about this topic I say "Check the blog! I'm sure something is there..." So I check this morning and after pulling my foot out of my mouth I realize I have to get something up here. I said, so it has to be!

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