Are you a Kronos-Fan?

Amy Doughten — Jul 2014

Ever just need a quick answer to a Kronos-related dilemma? How do you assign a default accrual code to a new employee? What happens when you get an error reading badge data? Need a script to get firmware versions for each device in a report?

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Who's going to be at KronosWorks this year? We are!

Audrey Mattoon — Jul 2014

Join Improvizations at KronosWorks 2014, November 9-12 at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

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What's WIM got to do with it? (a.k.a. Kronos Connect)

Raymond Ney — Jul 2012

What is integration? Why the constant desire to integrate Kronos data with other vendors?

I was wondering about this "new" Kronos integration. Do what? You mean I can see my employee data in more than one system?! It has been so long since I talked about integration a.k.a. interfacing, I almost had to wiki "API"! Integration is not always easy, but some things can be.

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Kronos Workforce Central New Feature: Integration Manager

Raymond Ney — Dec 2011

Continuing with the series on New Features with Workforce Central (WFC) version 6.1 and later, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite products: Workforce Integration Manager (typically referred to as WIM). What is Workforce Integration Manager? For those upgrading, WIM and the WIM Interface Designer are the two components that now replaces the older product known as Connect. For those familiar with Workforce Timekeeper, remember the Custom URLs feature? It's similar, but much more than that. Continue reading to find out more!

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Kronos Hyperfinds - Something "sweet" within WFC Suite

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

Most of us have heard the saying "Where do you want to go today?” When authoring Hyperfind™ queries in Kronos Workforce Central™, I envision a revised saying: "What do you want to view tomorrow?" After designing them, that will allow your Workforce Central managers to get the sweet out of Reports and Genies using HFQs (Hyperfind Queries).

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Kronos Connect and the funny little *A

Bryan deSilva — Jan 2011

Little tidbit for the Connect newbies out there. Check out the Kronos Connect screen below. See field 008 Temp Department? In the Action column, the Always Blank is preceded by (*A).

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Showing Leadership with Kronos Interfaces

Bryan deSilva — Aug 2010

How a CIO can enhance their leadership qualities by making the right calls when it comes to interface design?

How many times have you heard from your DBA that your Kronos interfaces are too complex and that any changes would have to be performed by Kronos? How many times have you sent your most promising resource to a Kronos Connect class only to find they continue to struggle with Connect interfaces? If you are like many Kronos customers your answer is one of frustration and seemingly without a solution. Many DBAs avoid Connect like the plague due to the complexities of Links, Lookup tables and Calculations. We call this a "Kronos Centric Interface Design".

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