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12 Things to Look for When Choosing an Integration Consultant

Toni Birdsong — Oct 2019

Numbers don't lie, which makes business projections and outcomes around data integration efforts far more exciting. A recent Forrester study confirms a 307% ROI and a $3.4 million gain in incremental revenue and gross profit for companies specifically using the Dell Boomi integration platform

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Why Kronos Dimensions + Dell Boomi is a WFM Game Changer

Toni Birdsong — Oct 2019

In the process of designing Dimensions, Kronos' next-gen workforce management solution, engineers quickly realized conventional architectures couldn't house the platform's powerful new features. Their solution: They built the powerful, cloud-based D5 platform to power Dimensions.

One of the most powerful features of D5 is in its Integration Hub (IHub) that utilizes prebuilt Dell Boomi connectors for people, payroll, accruals, and more. Together — D5 and Dell Boomi — allow Dimensions customers to work in the modern cloud and port disconnected data sources from existing systems into one central location. Thus, bringing unprecedented data alignment and efficiency to a workflow.

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7 Signs Your Company is Ready for iPaaS Integration

Toni Birdsong — Sep 2019

Regardless of size or industry, businesses everywhere are in a similar digital dilemma. Each has accumulated dozens, even hundreds, of business applications that don't necessarily talk to each other. The result is gaps — lots of gaps — in data sharing and decision-making that, if ignored, could cost a company serious market share. 

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Why It's Time for You to Upgrade to Kronos WFC v8.1

Toni Birdsong — Aug 2019

With Adobe's announcement that it will no longer support Flash by the end of 2020, many Kronos customers are getting closer to making one of three choices when it comes to their workforce management platforms. One choice is to stay on Workforce Central (WFC) and upgrade to Flash-free (HTML) v.8.1.3. Another choice is to begin the transition to Kronos' latest generation of WFM software, Workforce Dimensions. Yet another option is to transition to Workforce Ready.

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Got WIM? How to Save Time & Money by Integrating Your WFC Platform

Toni Birdsong — Jul 2019

If you stop to inventory the different types of software needed to keep your workforce afloat, the numbers would likely make your head spin. IT spending is at an all time high and thanks to little developments like AI, machine learning, and automated performance management, those numbers are expected to leap by another 25 percent in the next year, according to Deloitte.

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7 Tips to Help You Standardize Your Data Prior to a Kronos Upgrade

Toni Birdsong — Jun 2019

Mark Twain famously said that if the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a live frog, then you can forge into the rest of your day knowing the worst is behind you. Simply put, do the worst thing first. In Kronos speak, we could easily call standardizing our data our frog — or the task we need to do prior to our next Kronos upgrade.

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