Kronos and the Mandatory Java Update: Does it Affect You?

Raymond Ney — Jan 14

Java 7 update 51 (January, 2014) will include two security changes that will affect many Kronos® customers. Will it affect you and how? Must you perform this mandatory update?

Oracle released Security Alert CVE-2012-0422 to address two vulnerabilities affecting Java in web browsers.  The security vulnerabilities only affect Oracle Java 7 versions. Oracle is recommending that the updates in this Security Alert be applied as soon as possible. This to avoid the possibility of unknown attackers entry into your computer systems through malicious browser applets.  In response to this upcoming update, Kronos issued a technical advisory titled: "Workforce Central and JRE 1.7 – Mandatory Action Required."  What does this mean for Kronos users and your Java Runtime Environment?

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Java and Kronos™: Why Java? What version? Upgrading?

Raymond Ney — Sep 13

A Kronos Applications Consultant's View of Java

Recently, there has been a lot of dialog in regards to Java and Kronos, specifically Java vulnerabilities. Kronos chose Java technology primarily for its rich functionality, cross platform compatibility, and compliance. In this two part series I will:

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Kronos HR/PR: What Is Your Policy On...Policies?

Jeff Millard — Jan 13

When you look at medical or life insurance policies there are generally two layers to them. There is the big concept, large-type section and, of course, the infamous minute detail, small-print section where the gnashing of arcane points is explicitly called out with mathematical precision. Written Pay & Leave Policies in most companies are the same with the big ideas called out in the HR/PR Policy docs and the hair-splitting details called out in…well? Where are all those pay precedence, rounding precision, cascade sequence, over limit, allow less than zero policies documented?  In most companies you actually have to look at the configuration code – Payrules, Workrules, Paycodes, Leave Cascades, etc to know what will really happen when various work and leave hours are run thru the mill. Is this best practice?     

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Kronos Workforce Central New Feature: Integration Manager

Raymond Ney — Dec 11

Continuing with the series on New Features with Workforce Central (WFC) version 6.1 and later, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite products: Workforce Integration Manager (typically referred to as WIM). What is Workforce Integration Manager? For those upgrading, WIM and the WIM Interface Designer are the two components that now replaces the older product known as Connect. For those familiar with Workforce Timekeeper, remember the Custom URLs feature? It's similar, but much more than that. Continue reading to find out more!

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Another server for Kronos? Sure, that's definitely NOT a problem!

Ray Ney — Oct 11

We recently assisted a customer with a Workforce Central Timekeeper build for an additional server. After completion we wondered; was it really worth the effort? I would have to say a resounding yes. There could be several environments in addition to production. Several examples include training, development, or testing. Also, having a test system allows the entire organization to implement change on the fly while eliminating any risk to production.  Sometimes it is also referred to as a sandbox. As we enter autumn, I like to think of having at least one additional Kronos server akin to having the first tree from a certain species available for landscape design. Having seen customers with two or even three Kronos systems beyond production, I’d like to focus on how just having even a single “mirror of production” a.k.a. "test server" could be beneficial. 

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Kronos WFC & SQL Server 2008

Bryan deSilva — Nov 10

Microsoft has a great blog over on TechNet about running enterprise applications on SQL Server. I just watched a best practices webcast "Deploying Kronos Workforce Management Solutions Using SQL Server 2008". Allan Hirt (has been around the SQL Server space forever),  Dan Pronley (dir presales technology at Kronos) and Anu Chawla describe how Kronos is moving more and more towards deep integration with MS products (SSRS & SSAS anyone? Office, SharePoint).

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Kronos Environments using VMWare Whitepaper released

Bryan deSilva — Mar 10

Michael uses the term "synergy" to discuss his newly released white paper on dealing with the often frustrating task of creating and maintaining Kronos Environments such as DEV or TEST.

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