What is the cost to upgrade Kronos Timekeeper?

Bryan deSilva — Feb 2012

How often I've heard that question I cannot say, but daily isn't too far off. I wonder if upgrades of all software has become a commodity in customers minds. People upgrade Windows with a new machine. Upgrade Office with a new machine. Upgrade security software daily and automatically. Upgrade furniture when the 42" flat screen comes free. I see a loose pattern.

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What can we learn from the theatre?

Bryan deSilva — Dec 2011

I have spent most of my adult life studying music and theatre. It's a passion that I think ties very nicely into software implementation (and thus was formed Improvisations. Let's take a look at a few 'implementation' ideas from this other world as we prepare to move forward into 2012. There can be more parallels than one imagines. Here's a start.

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Are you a leader or a follower?

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2011

It takes guts to lead. It takes guts to follow. Remember when reviewing your Kronos Timekeeper or Scheduling implementation to give the team members with the seemingly crazy ideas a chance. They might just have the idea that saves the company $10M.

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Simplify the Complex Kronos Environment

Bryan deSilva — Oct 2011

As someone who writes about innovation and is a Twitter friend of mine, Jose Baldaia is one who understand the importance of not only encouraging innovation in companies, but also engaging others in the innovation. Jose recently wrote a post about this topic, What we need is the ability to simplify the complex and do it at scale.

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Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

Bryan deSilva — Sep 2011

I just read an article from a completley different discipline and am really happy to see that some truths are common everywhere. Ken Kaufman is a blogger I follow for Financial and Accounting guidance. He writes about all sorts of stuff from Customer Service to CFO goodies and I generally agree with his point of view. This particualar article talks about a topic near and dear to all of Improvizations Kronos Consultants,

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Kronos Configuration - Careful to not "reinvent the wheel"

Raymond Ney — Aug 2011

How many times have we heard the old cliché don’t reinvent the wheel? Under normal circumstances the phrase usually applies as a standard catchphrase for many things in life. Per Wikipedia's definition: "To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others". As it is one of the key sayings that have been used lately and one that I have enjoyed over the years, I felt it worthwhile to write about the particular topic when it comes to your Kronos pay or work rule configuration. The catchphrase can also be applied to configuring other areas of Workforce Timekeeper (display profiles, accruals, or <your idea here!>).

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Now Hiring! - Workforce Central Job Aids and Training Material

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

On a recent venture when working with a Kronos customer we identified some questions on ownership, responsibilities, and some questions on delegation. These (fill in the blank) items come at a time when everyone seems to have opaque job or career visions. When implementing a Kronos Timekeeper system for the first time or implementing change in an organization, we all want to be successful! This article covers some of the finer points. Interested? Continue reading!

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