Good HR/PR/IT Governance - Yes A Top 3 List!

Jeff Millard — Jul 2011

One of the best things about working for new clients is seeing how they employ essentially the same Kronos software differently to solve very similar, if not identical, business problems. Over the years this has given our technical specialists a variety of different perspectives—not just on how to get the configuration to work in certain situations but also what it can be like to maintain and change these structures over time.

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Five things you must do during a Kronos Implementation Discovery

Bryan deSilva — Jun 2011

Recently, we'll call this person "Sam", reached out to me with a question and I'd like to share the info with you.

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You want Kronos 6.2 with that?

Jeff Millard — May 2011

A customer of ours has engaged us to help them re-engineer their Kronos timekeeping and scheduling environment. We recently suggested to them that upgrading to the latest version of Kronos from their slightly earlier version might be desirable as part of the project already underway. Although some leeway was granted to do a test upgrade and assess the pros and cons, the idea was nixed before a formal review was completed.

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I Dream of Genies... Being Used. Workforce Genies that is

Jeffry Charnow — May 2011

The idea of a Genie, a being that could bring you whatever you wished for, is a pretty cool idea.  Let’s think about it from a Kronos Workforce Central point of view for a minute. What information do you wish to see as soon as you log in to Timekeeper? As a Shift Leader, you may want to see shift information; Schedulers would like to see schedule information; Managers, those shift exceptions as soon as the shift is over. Different people have different wishes. Kronos Genies allow these information wishes to come true.

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Too Small to be Rational, Too Big to Care: Part 1 of 2

Jeff Millard — Feb 2011

Years ago when I worked for a very tiny division of very large oil company I had to get a $2,500 contract approved by the central corporate legal department. This review cost me $4,300. Mind you, one of the terms in the contract was “At no time shall this agreement construe liability to either party greater than the value of this contract…” which, again, was only $2,500. Too late. The sharpest legal minds in the company actually found a way to spend $6,800 on it.

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Is Kronos WFC ready for Global? Is anyone?

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2010

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Don't upgrade Kronos Workforce Central

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2010

I just read Wayne Eckerson's article "Do Your Team a Favor: Stop Acting Like IT" about how messy systems get and that they are upgraded over and over without much strategic (or tactical) thought. Wayne wants teams to be more like business people and less like IT. Make choices on value rather than cool stuff. What? Is he kidding?

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