Kronos Timekeeper and the DCAA continued

Jeff Millard — Sep 2010

During the implementation I mentioned yesterday, the ‘feature’ of Kronos that prevented an employee from changing a timecard entry after the fact was raised as an issue. It would apparently create a lot more work for the supervisor since only they had the ability to make corrections. “And these guys are gonna make a lot of mistakes” the supervisor said. Of course my first thought was ‘these guys’ make things that might explode —what exactly is your tolerance for mistakes here?

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Fistful of Talent Blog - Not Kronos, but good HR stuff!

Bryan deSilva — Sep 2010

A blog I often read is and I highly recommend it. The article I just read about Organizational Development and HRIS is quite good and I must say indirectly adds a nice touch to Jeff Millard's Implementation Strategy philosophy. I'm finding that the broad set of ideas that HR professionals have integrate well into our vision of reconciling the project to the organization. Keep reading these great sources and be part of the conversation.

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Jeff Millard — Aug 2010

“So Jeff…the real question is…how soon do you want to start saving money?” the salesman asked across my kitchen table. I looked up at him, then back down at the quote for the new household de-ionized soft water system, and then back at him. I hadn’t yet developed my professorial; is-that-really-all-you-got-glance-over-my-glasses-look yet but this was one of the moments that led to its development.

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How do you sort your Kronos SOX?

Jeff Millard — May 2010

I have a pair of argyle socks that I've had for a really long time. They are basically black with an electric blue thread as part of the argyle pattern. I bought them as a concession to a somewhat overly corporate-Gordon Gecko-look. (Remember the movie Wall Street...Greed is Good!). The socks just seem to take the edge off the suit. I don't have the suit anymore (or the suspenders) but the socks live on in my sock drawer. of them does.

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"Please get the milk" or "Kronos Pay Codes?"

Jeff Millard — Apr 2010

If you have been following the last few blogs on strategic reconciliation in the Kronos WFM environment you know that I have been digging up some rather old but timeless principles about strategy and tactics from Sun Tzu the 6th century BC Chinese military leader. I promised that in this edition I would rejoin modern society and showcase these principles at work in two actual WFM implementations. More specifically, the actual consequences of ignoring these principles as well as the salvation of applying them.

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Kronos Implementation Strategy or Tactics?

Jeff Millard — Apr 2010

In my last blog in this series introducing the concepts of strategic reconciliation I touched on the elements of strategy itself. Our guest commentator was the Chinese general, Sun Tzu, who was a mover-and-shaker in the shock-and-awe business in the 6th century BC but whose theories have also been effectively translated and employed in other disciplines. Two of his ideas I revealed last time are pillars of the Kronos product line strategic reconciliation effort we employ with shock-and-awe at Improvizations. These ideas have some interesting parallels with Sun Tzu’s The art of War:

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Kronos Implementation Audits

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2009

Well, Kronosworks is almost over. One of the topics I've found most interesting is Kronos' new found interest in the optimization of an implementation. This is so important, I believe, for customers to really get the intended benefit from the system.

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