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Tough Love: It's Time to Ditch Your Manual Timekeeping

Toni Birdsong — Dec 2019

Fair warning: This post is going to include some tough love so if you are feeling a little fragile today, you may to keep moving. Here's the thing. A lot of you can be stubborn when it comes to the makeshift way you track employee time and attendance. We know this because over the years, we’ve seen some pretty elaborate (and impressive) manual processes. We've seen excel spreadsheets, journals, paper timesheets, and even one instance that included Post-It notes stuck to a white board (or, consequently, to the linoleum directly beneath it).

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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Maximize Your Kronos Investment

Toni Birdsong — Nov 2019

“Can you make this better?” 

That is probably the #1 question we get from our Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) and Workforce Ready (WFR) clients, which is often followed by the #2 most popular question:

“We just purchased our Kronos software, do we have to invest just as much to configure it?”

To which we confidently answer, "Yes, we can help. And no — it won’t cost you a small fortune."

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Ready for KronosWorks? 7 Things You Can't Afford to Ignore

Toni Birdsong — Nov 2019

We’re just gonna put it right out there: KronosWorks is just that — it’s a lot of Kronos and it's a lot of work. Whether you are staff, a presenter, attendee, or exhibitor, this annual industry event requires a hefty chunk of time, energy, and resources. That said, KronosWorks is also the most rewarding industry gathering of the year and one you can’t afford to miss.

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How to Sign-Off in Kronos Workforce Central Timekeeper

Toni Birdsong — Oct 2019

If you are a Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) Payroll Manager or a Supervisor, few tools are more imperative to your payroll cycle than WFC Timekeeper and, specifically, the Timekeeper Sign-Off process. Sign-Off is so crucial to keeping a compliant and efficient pay cycle that Managers should make this function a permanent part of their final payroll review process.

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WFC Upgrade FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

Toni Birdsong — Oct 2019

With all browsers dropping Flash support in late 2020, just about every Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) customer is either planning for, or is in the thick of, a system upgrade right now. So, here's a helpful list of the Most Frequently Asked Questions that address the platform's latest upgrades.

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3 Scheduling Tools to Boost Employee Engagement in a Tight Labor Market

Toni Birdsong — Jun 2019

The economy is strong, and unemployment is lower than it's been in half a century. Good news, right? Sure — generally speaking. However, if you are a recruiter or scheduling manager, these healthy numbers can cause new headaches including a tight labor pool and higher turnover. 

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Not Optimizing Kronos WFC 8.0? It Could Be Costing You Big Bucks

Toni Birdsong — Jan 2019

You may not be able to control a lot of external factors that hit your business but you can control your labor costs and the degree of efficiency within your four walls. If you are a Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) 8.0 user, the New Year is the perfect time to zero in on — and optimize — the power tools within your platform so you can see positive changes in your workflow this year.

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The Next Big Thing at KronosWorks 2014

Chandler Paris — Oct 2014

KronosWorks 2014 in Las Vegas is only 9 days away and those of us who have been to KronosWorks before and support the Kronos products are wondering what will be the "Next Big Thing" in the Kronos world this year.

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Kronos Testing - Who Needs Testing Anyway?

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2014

So why do we test a Workforce Timekeeper configuration? 

Well, why do they test medical students before they become doctors?  Why do law students have to pass the bar?  Why are PhD students required to complete a dissertation? 

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Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series

Dwain Lambrigger — Jul 2014

So you are implementing your Kronos application.  You've spent a lot of time working with your organization to ensure you have captured all the necessary information.  Your configuration is moving along swimmingly!  Your system getting ready to use and your change management and training plans are moving along.  What did you forget? Do you know your system will work as designed?  Did your configuration hit the mark? 

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