What is Change Enablement and Why Your Next Technology Initiative Depends on It

Toni Birdsong — Jul 2019

You know that Change Enablement is important your ROI but can't quite get your head around how to integrate it into your next technology initiative. Don't worry, you aren't alone. Change Enablement isn't a skill set you master overnight. It takes years of knowledge and hands-on experience to understand the tools of Change Enablement, the workforce nuances that affect it, and how to leverage it to drive a new technology adoption.

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What Kronos Training will NOT do for your Organization

Jenna Ryckman — Apr 2015

While a properly executed Kronos training plan can increase user adoption, ROI, and user adoption, there are some areas where it is unrealistic to expect improvement. Although there are many positive results that come from a strategic Kronos training, there are aspects of a successful implementation that training will not manage. What are they?

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The Top 10 Tips for Successful Kronos Training

Jenna Ryckman — Mar 2015

The 4th Annual IT Adoption Insight Report found, because of lack of user-adoption for new software, companies are experiencing productivity losses of 17%: the equivalent of giving everyone on staff every Friday off. At 17%, the economic value of user losses outweighs 100% of many IT budgets. Creating company wide end user adoption of Kronos software is a critical factor for productivity and increased ROI. How can a company ensure that user adoption in your new Kronos application is achieved throughout the organization? The answer is: with strategic Kronos™ Training.

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