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Are Outdated Scheduling Practices Costing You?

Toni Birdsong — Jul 2019

The DNA of the workplace has seemingly changed overnight. The things important to workers even a few years ago no longer hold true. Even more than pay, workers now value work-life balance, flexibility, and control over their schedules. So in the quest to hire and keep hourly workers in a tight labor market, including Shift Swapping in your scheduling can translate to stronger recruitment, retention, and business outcomes.

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3 Scheduling Tools to Boost Employee Engagement in a Tight Labor Market

Toni Birdsong — Jun 2019

The economy is strong, and unemployment is lower than it's been in half a century. Good news, right? Sure — generally speaking. However, if you are a recruiter or scheduling manager, these healthy numbers can cause new headaches including a tight labor pool and higher turnover. 

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