How much is your WFM Software really costing you?

Jenna Ryckman — Mar 2016

There is a hidden epidemic in organizations all across the world: an epidemic of unused software. U.S. organizations wasted $30 billion — yes, billion — on unused software over the course of a four-year study. The global average came to 37 percent of software unused per company. The cost: $259 per desktop. There are even more staggering statistics, including the fact that over a quarter of software deployed by organizations is unused or rarely used. Studies show that organizations do not have processes in place to accurately manage and utilize software assets. If software is not implemented or utilized properly, it can cost organizations hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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The Key to a Successful Kronos Implementation Audit

Bryan deSilva — Aug 2015

How much would you be willing to pay for peace of mind?

Organization’s around the globe pay millions of dollars every year to purchase or supplement the applications that provide support and peace of mind. In 2015, worldwide IT spending is set to total at 3.8 trillion dollars, increasing by 2.4% from last year. Organizations worldwide spent $335 billion dollars last year on software alone!

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Ready for WFC 8? Successful WFM Implementation Strategies

Jenna Ryckman — Jun 2015

Companies invest substantial labor and financial resources to
deploy workforce management software.

Why do so many projects fail?

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