Kronos - Do you want Excel with that Timekeeper?

Raymond Ney — Sep 2013

Customers spend a lot of money implementing and/or upgrading Kronos, so it only makes sense to get as much out of it as possible. So, what else can we do with it? Do we total the data and put it in a spreadsheet? Is it better presented as on a Report, in a Genie, or as a CSV file? What information is going to be beneficial to extract; what’s better to put in an email? What else can we do with Genies?

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Kronos Workforce Central New Features (Saving the Best for Last)

Raymond Ney — Feb 2012

For those following the Kronos New Feature Series, this will be the last article in the series – THE END! However, comment posting will still be available for the entire series. We talked about new features available to customers upgrading to the most current version of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. The prior articles covered why an organization might use some of the new Workforce Central (WFC) features and why they should consider upgrading. Simply speaking, what’s in it for us? What is this talk about an “Upgrade Studio”? So let's wipe the dust off that old Kronos version and weigh if the change is worthwhile.

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Kronos Hyperfinds - Something "sweet" within WFC Suite

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

Most of us have heard the saying "Where do you want to go today?” When authoring Hyperfind™ queries in Kronos Workforce Central™, I envision a revised saying: "What do you want to view tomorrow?" After designing them, that will allow your Workforce Central managers to get the sweet out of Reports and Genies using HFQs (Hyperfind Queries).

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Kronos Oracle to SQL Server Migration – SS Agent hiccup – Part 3

Bryan deSilva — May 2011

In our prior posts we described some of the human-ware issues encountered dealing with the degree of access that Javed Iqbal, a Kronos employee and migration expert, was granted. Javed is using SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle (SSMA4O) version 4.2.

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Kronos Oracle to SQL Server Migration Part 1

Bryan deSilva — Apr 2011

This is part of the post-arc started by this overview of Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server, and deals with experiences with Kronos migrations.

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More Tuning Kronos and SQL Server Tips

Bryan deSilva — Apr 2011

Ken Lassesen from Microsoft's SQL Server blog adds another tip to our readers. Below is a preview of another article he's written for all the Kronites out there.

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Some Kronos SQL Server Tips from Experience

Bryan deSilva — Mar 2011


I'd like to welcome Ken Lassesen from Microsoft's SQL Server blog to our writing pool. Below is a preview of an article he's written for all the Kronites out there.

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