Kronos Workforce Timekeeper: Adding Comments and Notes to a Punch

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2013

Providing better information to a Kronos Timecard 

Managing timecards for your employees requires a lot of review and understanding. For example, when an employee forgets to punch, who will be adding that punch? More often than not, you are assigned that responsibility. Now, can you just add the punch with the time you thought the employee came to or left work? No, you need to confirm this with your employee. Once they confirm the time they arrived or left, you need to add that punch. Here is the catch. Once you add that punch, Workforce Timekeeper no longer considers that punch “missing”. An easy way to ensure that this punch was missing originally is to assign a comment and note. 

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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper: The power of Group Edits

Jeffry Charnow — Nov 2012

I am always surprised when long time users of Kronos’ Workforce Timekeeper seem to have forgotten about the ability to perform group edits.

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Roll-up Genies - Tools of the Trade

Jeffry Charnow — Sep 2012

Payroll Close Genie vs. Pay Period Close Genie: 

I know you are familiar with the Pay Period Close Genie. This is a detail Genie that lists all the employees (a manager can see) and shows if their timecard is approved, signed off, or if there is anything left for the manager to do (missed punches or Unexcused Absences), but what about the Payroll Close Genie – the one that summarizes all the facilities – the one that the payroll department can look at to see if they are ready to process payroll.

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WFM Implementation Success: Time is $$

Raymond Ney — Sep 2012

Let’s face it; nobody wants to “work”. Unless you find an occupation that you enjoy every working day; then it doesn’t seem like “work”, but more a part of your lifestyle and something you can take pride in. So what does that have to do with Improvizations or Kronos?

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Workforce Timekeeper QUALITY Training in the Retail Environment

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2012

Anyone who has experience will tell you that the retail market (as opposed to manufacturing, health care or government/education) is very unique. When planning a Workforce Timekeeper upgrade or implementation, a critical aspect of the overall success and adoption of the system is application/system training; a top consideration should be: How can Workforce Timekeeper training be adapted to the retail environment? This is by no means an in-depth blog entry, but more of a quick review, the main ideas expressed here can be used to develop something more individualized for a retail organizations individual needs. So let's start:

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Kronos Eats Little Kids!

Jeff Millard — May 2012

The Greek titan of time, “Kronos” (or Cronus) in addition to spawning the name of the company we all know and love, also had many children. Most of these he ate. Or at least swallowed until, Zeus, one of the survivors grew up and forced Kronos to disgorge his siblings. Such abuse was apparently common during the so called Golden Age of Greek mythology.  Another famous Greek, Plato, is known for his own perspective on the abuse of things… namely poets and or poetry. Apparently much nerdier folks than I have spilled a lot of ink debating whether Plato disliked poetry or the poets themselves. As far as I have read he never ate any of them. Plato did, however, coin a very interesting (dare I say poetic) admonition: “Banish the abuse, not the thing”. 

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Recording PTO in Kronos Timekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — Mar 2012

There are many ways to record an employee’s PTO in Workforce Timekeeper. The four most common are:

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