Got WIM? How to Save Time & Money by Integrating Your WFC Platform

Toni Birdsong — Jul 2019

If you stop to inventory the different types of software needed to keep your workforce afloat, the numbers would likely make your head spin. IT spending is at an all time high and thanks to little developments like AI, machine learning, and automated performance management, those numbers are expected to leap by another 25 percent in the next year, according to Deloitte.

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3 Resolutions to Maximize Your Kronos Platform in 2019

Toni Birdsong — Dec 2018

It’s a remarkable statistic that most companies use less than 50% of their Kronos software functionality, which, if you think about it, is a lot like owning a Ferrari and never breaking 55 mph, right?

With that statistic mind, we’re proposing — okay, strongly suggesting — three game-changing resolutions for Kronos users in 2019.

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Don't Hesitate to Integrate: The Benefits of Integrating Kronos WFC

Jenna Ryckman — Nov 2016

 As the world becomes increasingly digital, organizations are beginning to spend more on IT. Worldwide IT spending reached a high of $3.4 trillion dollars and is forecasted to rise to $3.8 trillion by the year 2020. Hardware and software projects will make up 35% of those trillions of dollars. With organizations spending so much on different types of software, the challenge becomes creating a strategic way for each application to work together as a cooperative system.

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