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Urgent Advisory: Workforce HR 2017 ACA Patch for Box 16 and Terminated Employees


Kronos released an advisory for a complication with Workforce HR requiring an ACA patch for Box 16 and terminated employees. According to the release, a rare scenario has been identified that will cause the 1095-C to blank out box 16 for an individual employee.

In order for this complication to occur, all of the following conditions must exist:

  • The system ACA EIN level is set lower on the tree than the Employment Status Level.

  • If your ACA EIN Level and Employment Status Level are set to the same level (which is most common), this advisory will not apply to you.

  • The Employee has a position change within the same ACA EIN on the first day of the month.

  • The Employee is terminated in a following month, but not on the first or last day of the month.

  • The Employee is not enrolled in any ACA plans.


  • EIN Level 2, Employment Status Level 1.

  • Employee Changes Positions within the same EIN on October 1st.

  • Employee is Terminated on November 5th.

  • Employee is not enrolled in any ACA plans.

Kronos created a solution to the issue by rolling out an ACA patch. The patch is an SQL only patch, so an instance rebuild is not required. No downtime is required for this patch.

If you require this ACA patch and are currently a Kronos Private Cloud customer, you must create a case to have this patch installed. For more information, visit the Kronos Community. 

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