What you didn't know about a Kronos Gap Analysis

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What you didn't know about a Kronos Gap Analysis

What you didn't know about a Kronos Gap Analysis

Organizations launching an enterprise upgrade or implementation need to engage in Strategic implementation planning. One of the most unique and beneficial Kronos services Improvizations offers is our Kronos Gap Analysis. We believe before you can reach your destination, you need to understand your starting point. A key step of strategic planning is the process of conducting a Kronos Gap Analysis.

What is a Gap Analysis?
Gap Analysis: The process of determining an organization’s current state and target state in order to identify and quantify the resources and tasks necessary to move the organization from one state to the other.

Improvizations conducts a Kronos Implementation Audit and Gap Analysis to identify if and where configuration gaps or weaknesses exist in the Kronos application and its interfaces. The ultimate goal is to identify any gaps necessary for mitigation to optimize the current configuration and institutional knowledge base.

During the course of the Implementation Audit and Gap Analysis, Improvizations provides recommendations on the effective utilization and best practices for the Kronos application. In addition, we often discover minor issues during the analysis that can be immediately resolved or identified for subsequent resolution if a service level agreement is in place.

Improvization’s project approach consists of three main steps:

1. Analyze, vet and understand the business rules, policies and procedure

2. Analyze and understand the application configurations, plans and actual usage

3. Build a plan to get from “here to there”

Engaging in these steps results in the creation of a Finding and Recommendations report, dictating the best way for the organization to move forward and create value from the investment. We find this approach can dramatically improve ROI, reduce ongoing risk, increase confidence in the application, support the stated organizational requirements, and deliver a best practices driven plan for moving forward. The tactical steps consist of the following:

Scope of Analysis:
Analysis will begin with Improvizations' Kronos consultants onsite to perform the Implementation Audit and Gap analysis.

We provide an in depth review of the current state and optimal future state of the related applications.

This process includes but is not limited to: - A Discovery Workshop to delve into the demographics of the system and company.

We perform as many interviews (Stakeholders, Power Users, Supervisors are typical) as necessary to fully accomplish this task.

Special attention will be given to previously identified areas of concern as noted. These can be generally grouped into: Configuration concerns and Institutional knowledge/training gaps.

We will develop and present a set of recommendations based on areas where improvement can be recognized based on the assessment.

While conducting a implementation audit or gap analysis can be time consuming, it is a crucial step towards project success. No matter the type of implementation, the first component that MUST be considered is the process. Implementationsupgrades, and even just the everyday use of software successfully can be challenging. Each of these functions must be paired with a comprehensive planning process in order to produce the best results.  

Though complex, the auditing process is a necessary and important step in the implementation process. It takes time, effort, honesty, collaboration and brainstorming. However, with the right Kronos Services Partner team, the auditing process can be revolutionary for your organization’s implementation or upgrade process. To learn more about the Implementation Audit/Gap Analysis process, download our whitepaper The Case for Gap Analysis. 



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