What you need to know about Job Specific Kronos Training

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What you need to know about Job Specific Kronos Training

What you need to know about Job Specific Kronos Training

"Retention is best when the Learner is involved." - Edward Scannell, University Conference Bureau

The most important aspect of Kronos training is ensuring the information taught is relevant, accessible, and useful for your employees. Learning a new system or software takes a significant amount of time and energy, making it crucial to design efficient training. A study by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences found that, on average, learners retain 5% of what they hear, 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see, and 70-80% of what they do.  The best way to make your training relevant is to design the training and materials specifically for the employees’ responsibilities, or what they are going to be doing on a daily basis. Customized Kronos training is, quite simply, customizing training to reflect what employees do and how Kronos will affect daily activity. If you give employees the opportunity to not only learn, but also practice with the application, you are much more likely to achieve user adoption. Job Specific Kronos Training is the best way to combine learning and application because it customizes the training around what employees will be required to do. 

In order to properly plan for and conduct Job Specific Kronos training, there are four essential steps to execute.



Executing these four steps will help to create training that is truly job specific for your employees. Once these questions have been answered, it is the ideal time to start building your Kronos Training framework. A training framework is the starting point in identifying the needs of your complete training plan. It is not to be confused with a final, detailed training document, but is extremely helpful for organizing preliminary thoughts and planning. If you are ready to start planning your Kronos™ Training or learning event, you can download Improvizations' training framework by clicking on the button below. 

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