When a new year begins, it brings with it the desire to set healthy goals or resolutions for the next 365 days. We do our best to properly prepare to meet those goals by becoming as mentally, spiritually, and physically ready as possible. The idea of preparation looks different for different people. Maybe your goal is to drink more water – so you purchase a water bottle that alerts you to drink and tracks your water intake. Perhaps your goal is to become more focused and less stressed – so you spend 15 minutes meditating every morning using an app on your phone. However you prepare, having the right tools can be the key to successfully reaching your goals.


Workforce Management is all about preparation and having the right tools at your fingertips. Kronos just released Workforce Central 8.1 and plans on delivering service pack or feature releases twice a year. If you are looking to be prepared with the right tools to accomplish your workforce management goals this year, it may be time to consider upgrading to Kronos version 8.1. Here are some of the tools to get excited about in the new year:


1. Improved Business Workflows

Managers now have the ability to approve full or partial overtime directly from a task list, instead of from individual timecards.


2. Accrual Grant Adjustment

Users can now adjust accrual grants based on multiple possibilities requiring the accrual grant to be modified, such as: an employee is hired within the accrual reference period, changes FTE within the accrual reference period, has a fixed term contract with a known end date, changes accrual policy within the accrual reference period, is terminated within the accrual reference period, or has been absent or on leave within the accrual reference period.


3. Multiple Pay Code Deletion

It is now possible to delete multiple pay code moves at one time. This feature has been long awaited by many 8.0 customers!


4. Retail Environment Improvements

A new feature is being introduced specifically for retail environments: Store Audit. The WFC store audit process allows retail managers to measure a retail stores effectiveness, analyze compliance trends, and assign actionable tasks to improve store operations and ensure compliance.


5. Employee Punching – Simplified!

The system looks for a punch only during a defined window of time. If no punch is detected, a notification is sent to the employee. Reduce exceptions and improve accountability!


With all these features and more, Workforce Central Version 8.1 could be the exact tool your organization needs to reach all your 2018 goals. Kronos updated WFC Version 8.1 specifically based on direct customer feedback. The significant improvements can help you manage your workforce more effectively, in turn creating better business outcomes.


Are you considering an upgrade? Have you considered upgrading into the cloud?


Download our resource “Should we move to the Cloud” to

learn more about the advantages of Version 8.0 in the cloud.



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