Kronos Workforce Central Version 8.1 is the ultimate Workforce Management tool, allowing organizations to create and execute strategies that maintain and nurture a healthy and engaged workforce. The new and improved Version 8.0 platform boasts optimized user experience, enhanced industry capabilities and Global Deployments, as well as intuitive and accessible reporting and analytics. Kronos introduced over 500 new features since version 7.0, so there are more reasons than ever to consider upgrading your Kronos application. Here are some of the best features of WFC Version 8.0:


User Experience:

One of the biggest advances concerning User Experience is a completely Java free Version 8.0. The new version is built in HTML5 and CSS, removing Java from ALL user screens. Workforce Central V8.0.11 has eliminated the reliance on client-side Java. All Java applets now have Java-free replacements, including:


  • - Workload Planner, which is a part of Scheduler.
  • - Quick Time Stamp Offline – A new installation kit is available.

- All Setup pages are now Java-free. The process to replace client-side Java, which began with Workforce Central 8.0, has been completed and the remaining setup pages have been redesigned and are Java-free. When you apply the V8.0.11 service release, these Setup pages will be replaced automatically with the non-Java version. Functionality is unchanged.


For more information, you can visit the Customer Portal at the following URL:



Kronos Version 8.0 features an updated timecard built on a foundation of HTML5. The timecard functions with the new enhanced navigator view, but contains all the traditional buttons for regular timecard tasks. The timecard is now configurable, allowing users to decide between 2 or 4-punch columns. Users also have the option to add on widgets that provide different modes of easy viewing of specific timecard details.


Version 8 also revolutionized the mobile timecard, allowing employees to ask for time off, shift swap, open shifts, request to cover, and update availability, all from their own mobile devices. The new mobile advances can improve employee engagement, as well as retention.


With the release of Workforce Central v8.0.11, Kronos eliminated the potential for manager to edit a timecard with the incorrect labor account or pay code. When editing time cards, managers are now restricted to only the employees pay codes and labor levels, reducing the potential for errors with time being assigned to the wrong code or account


Workload Planner:

Timecards aren’t the only feature updated to HTML5; workload planner is now fully operational with a HTML5 foundation. Used in both scheduling and timekeeping, the workload planner allows viewers to compare budgets versus actuals to make decisions on the correct dispersal of resources.


Usability Changes in Setup Applications:

Setup pages are now redesigned to be completely user-friendly. The list and edit screens are separated to different pages, allowing the user to make changes in a simple and intuitive way.


Rolling Request Periods:

Managers regularly face the challenge of manually creating periods for actions, such as time off requests and shift offs, which can add unnecessary time and strain to their daily responsibilities. It can also affect employee engagement by delaying employee’s ability to make schedule requests. The new release of WFC v8 features the ability to automate the opening and closing of bulk requests and schedule periods, significantly reducing managerial errors.


Are you considering an upgrade to Version 8.0?


Download our fact sheet "Should you Upgrade" to learn more:



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