Software projects are challenging. A recent study by Oxford University revealed that 74% of software projects are challenged or unsuccessful. Similarly, a study by Mercer Consulting found that 80% of software projects cost more then they return. With these types of statistics floating around, it is easy to understand why organizations get uneasy when the time comes to implement or upgrade their WFM software.


One option available, specifically for a Kronos project, is to work with an outside consulting firm. Working with a certified Kronos Partner can be a great way to avoid becoming one of the previously mentioned statistics. One of the main reasons working with a Kronos consulting firm can be advantageous is because consultants come in on the ground level. A consulting firm isn’t trying to sell you a product. The entire goal is to make sure your Kronos application is creating the highest ROI possible and fully supporting your business operations.




Even though working with a Kronos consulting firm can be incredibly beneficial, there are a few key factors organizations should consider in order to make sure the project is completely successful. 


1. Share ALL the details.


In the planning phase, it is crucial that every detail of how your organization uses your Kronos applications is clearly communicated. Your consultant cannot give you an accurate picture of how long the project will take or how much it will cost unless you give them all the necessary information. Leaving information out because it seems unnecessary or because it is embarrassing will only cause problems later on. Spending the time up front to adequately understand all the processes and requirements is the only way to achieve maximum ROI. Improvizations often conducts an Implementation Audit to ensure that all crucial information is gathered during the discovery phase of the project. (LEARN MORE)


2. An implementation or upgrade will not solve all your problems.


Expecting an upgrade or implementation to solve all of the problems your organization is facing, without planning for the change, is unrealistic. Most organizations who implement new or upgrade old applications use less than 50% of its capabilities. Designing a comprehensive Change Management strategy and measuring your organization’s levels of user adoption is key. Employee engagement with the software can easily be ignored, inhibiting organizations from truly utilizing the full value of their applications. The technology does not make the change, the people using the technology make the change. Make sure those people have the training and tools they need to use the application successfully!


3. You tend to get what you pay for…


If you are dealing with a complex implementation or upgrade, do not try to fill the gap in your project team with a quick fix consultant. Make room in your budget to hire someone who really and truly knows what they are doing. Hiring a cheap, quick fix consultant is detrimental to the progress of your project and often costs organization’s more in the long run because of replacements and project re-dos.


Your organization is investing substantial labor and financial resources to deploy your workforce management applications. Working with the right team can be the difference between a successful project and a complete disaster. Comprehensive strategic planning with an experienced team of Kronos consultants at the outset of the implementation can save time and money, while increasing the likelihood that the expected benefits will be delivered on time and on budget.


Choosing a compatible Kronos services partner helps support a successful project and can avoid unanticipated delays or challenges. 

What factors will ensure success?


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Companies invest substantial labor and financial resources to deploy workforce management software Why do so many projects fail?

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