Are you getting the ROI you expected?

Our optimization assessment reviews and validates your Kronos configuration and associated workflows for payroll, HR, finance, and other departments. Although we tailor each optimization for each client’s specific needs, a typical assessment includes:

• Assess workflow and functional processes for everyone who depends on Kronos.
• Review and validate payrules, workrules, paycode distribution, shift rules, accruals.
• Check interfaces and customizations for data validity.
• Examine current issues and manual workarounds.
• Identify process and procedure improvements.
• Identify gaps in documentation and training.
• Identify functional gaps.
• Architecture review.

We deliver a Findings Report with actionable best practice recommendations to improve ROI.

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“Improvizations' assessment found that we were in violation of one of our collective bargaining agreements, saving us from potential litigation. Identifying this functional gap more than paid for the assessment.”

Manufacturing Client

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When should we do a Kronos Optimization Assessment?

If your system has recently gone live but your users haven’t fully adopted the application, an optimization assessment validates training or functional challenges to user adoption.

If you have used Kronos for many years, it is time to do some performance tuning and infrastructure assessment. Likely you are not using all of the powerful new features implemented over the years. Fixing existing issues that your workforce has simply learned to live with will result in meaningful labor cost savings.

If you are preparing to upgrade, we always recommend an assessment to create an upgrade strategy that aligns with your current organizational goals.

We work to deliver the experience you expect – an application that supports your workforce, your business strategy, and creates value for your investment.

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