A Different Approach to Training

We believe that training is more that presenting information to a group of employees, we believe it is integral to your organization realizing the full benefits of the Kronos suite of products. With this in mind, we focus on more than just generic information delivery; we create a complete training solution for you and your users based on the work you actually do with your Kronos system.

Without a doubt, live instructor-led training is the best option when equipping your workforce to use a Kronos application. It is crucial that there is an interpersonal interaction between a live instructor and participants. A live instructor allows employees to ask questions and receive instant feedback designed specifically for them. As a result, Improvizations doesn’t provide canned training but rather provides your organization with a trainer who can deliver real-time training both on-site or remotely.

Our approach to customized training incorporates:

1.   A dynamic training plan built around specific user, task, policy, learner and logistic analysis.

2.   Instructors who are Facilitators of Learning. Learning is not directed by instructors, instead, it is supported by them.

3.   Instructors who are not just there to present information - they are there before training begins, and after training is complete to support your team through the Kronos growing pains.

4.   Curriculum and learning tools be customized for each organization, and reflecting the tasks and real world situation employees face.

Improvizations can provide customized training documents, job aids, courses and exercises which will support your organization’s current training efforts and provide the foundation for ongoing Kronos system instruction.

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“Being able to see concepts using our own training database helped us to get 'real world' experience. Having custom training designed for our organization instead of general training was very helpful”

Healthcare Client

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How can custom training be cost effective?

The 4th Annual IT Adoption Insight Report found that companies experience productivity losses of 17% due to lack of user-adoption for new software - the equivalent of giving everyone on staff every Friday off! The economic value of user losses outweighs 100% of many IT budgets. Creating company wide end user adoption of Kronos software is a critical factor for productivity and increased ROI.

How can your organization drive user adoption? Customized training that empowers your employees to work smarter by giving them the tools to use their Kronos system to its fullest abilities. Employees who feel like they can work with their software instead of against it will not only use the software but assist fellow employees.

While custom training involves additional expense up-front, organizations are often too quick to focus on measuring costs – the line item expenditures are easy to add up and seem very solid to management. However, measuring the benefit of intensive training which supports long term gains in efficiency and effectiveness can be significantly more complicated. Improvizations custom training can help organizations realize long term return on investment by targeting training deliverables to meet identified client areas of opportunity and deliver training that addresses your unique challenges.

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