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Improv has been a leader in UKG and ADP implementations for over 30 years. We're known for applying creative solutions to complex scheduling problems and integrations.

Zaddons has deep experience in the HRIS space developing over 75 integrations that turn HR’s most irritating and costly tasks into streamlined, enjoyable experiences.

You've got scheduling limitations. We can help.

Together, we can remedy your UKG scheduling woes. Zaddons' extensions level up your efficiency and employee happiness with Schedule Bidding, Vacation Bidding, and Job Bidding power. We deliver you the power. We deliver you the power, the expertise, and the joy of working with one vendor from start to finish.

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Schedule & Vacation Bidding

Say goodbye to clunky workarounds and functionality gaps in your UKG scheduling software.

You need more UKG scheduling juice and we’ve got the solution.

Working together with our friends at Zaddons, Improv can now bring you the most powerful UKG scheduling extension available and the timekeeping expertise you need to optimize your outcomes.

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The Happiness Add-On is Here!

More than just a scheduling tool, Zaddons ignites a whole new way for teams to work together. It delivers better outcomes and helps you build a better culture.

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Integrate seamlessly

The Zaddons extension is intuitive and integrates seamlessly with UKG and ADP environments giving employees input to shape their schedules, vacation time, and work-life balance.

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Transform scheduling & recruiting

Employees can bid for open shifts, vacation, and internal positions.

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Automate compliance

Managers can eliminate manual processes, generate equitable schedules, and rest easy knowing schedules are compliant.

Consistent, expert UKG support begins with Improv.

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