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2023-12-09 22:16:24

A new Kronos upgrade or implementation can be technically challenging and emotionally exhausting. If you launched your implementation without Change Management, there’s still time to course correct. Here are the warning signs your project is at risk:

Here are the 7 Warning Signs you Need Change Management

Your project lacks executive sponsorship

Studies consistently show that a new technology initiative requires
executive support to succeed. An executive sponsor helps communicate
"the why" of a change, personalize its benefits for individuals and
sectors, build training momentum and give input on strategy and KPIs.

You have a one-size-fits-all training plan

Just as one shoe size isn’t practical for every foot, a general training
plan will not fit every user. People use new technology in different
ways and for different purposes. Change Management includes training
approaches that address individual competencies, skills, and workflows.

Your project focuses solely on technology

Does your implementation plan focus more on interfaces, modules,
functionality, and deadlines than on people? If so, a quiet mutiny may
be brewing. Change specialists know that when you connect people to
a larger purpose, address fears, individualize learning, and give high
fives along the way, then adoption rates go up.

Resistance is on the rise

Have people started to grumble? If so, they may not understand or
be personally invested in the reasoning behind the implementation.
Change Management launched as part of a Kronos implementation
plan is designed to minimize resistance and maximize employee buy-in
every step of the way.

Productivity and morale have dropped

Unmanaged change can zap employee motivation, productivity, and
morale. Overwhelmed by change, people may become distant and
unwilling to take on new responsibilities. Change Management helps
implementation teams identify people having difficulties early on and
establishes specific goals designed to build individual success.

There's a communication breakdown

If your team seems unclear about the process and frequently misses milestones and KPIs, poor communication could be the cause. Change Management creates ongoing conversation and collaboration between managers and stakeholders that is consistent, clear, and expressed in various formats that connect the change with a company's values, culture, and business goals.

Change Management is viewed as optional

Does your management team see Change Management as a project add-on  or option? This one strategic mistake continues to cost businesses millions in failed IT initiatives. Change Management, launched as a non-negotiable part of a Kronos implementation, has been proven to repeatedly boost user adoption and project ROI.

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