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2023-12-09 23:52:11

The acceleration of in-cloud app use has caused data silos to spring up in organizations everywhere. The result is an ocean of disconnected data that’s difficult to leverage or align with business outcomes. The new mandate: Integrate or get left behind.

The iPaaS Solution

One place businesses are turning to solve the integration dilemma is the iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) industry. Dell Boomi, a pioneer in the iPaaS industry, is leading the way into this new world of low-code, centralized, AI-driven integration solutions.

To better serve our Kronos clients, Improv now offers Dell Boomi platform integration for both Workforce Ready and Workforce Central.

So What's a Boomite?

A Boomite is a Kronite who has been around the Boomi block and experienced the power of integration in the workplace. A Boomite is a true believer, a top fan, the one who wears the colors and carries the torch for efficiency and data sharing.

A Boomite is strangely productive and fiercely focused because they know data is king. And while others search aimlessly — you can bet — Boomites already grabbed the data.

There’s an untapped Boomite in all of us. Knocking on siloed doors for access. Eager for information. Aching for integration.

Are you ready to release your inner Boomite? We can help.

Boomi at a Glance

  1. Easy, no coding UI. The Boomi platform contains a series of built-in, standard integration components that allow users to easily create end-to-end integration workflows minus the time and expense of custom coding.
  2. All data, one place. Be it on the premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, Boomi integrates all apps and systems into one, central UI for easy access enterprisewide.
  3. The Atom. Boomi's power source, The Atom, is a patented, lightweight run-time engine that can be deployed in the cloud or behind a firewall to manage business processes.
  4. Boomi Suggest. Considered Boomi’s “magic." Boomi Suggest is the industry’s first crowd-sourced suggestion wizard for data mapping.
  5. Boomi Resolve. Automatically suggests resolutions for common error messages.
  6. Boomi Assure. Allows users to submit integration processes and test data to the AtomSphere that is run against every future AtomSphere release.
  7. Trust and Compliance. Boomi automatically analyzes customer usage metrics, identifies potential issues, and suggests ways to increase efficiency. Maintenance, security, and compliance issues are automatically updated.

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