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2024-02-22 14:06:08

We believe when you mix technology and creativity just about anything is possible.

We believe when people feel empowered to do their jobs well — free of obstacles and cumbersome protocols — happiness flows and profit grows.

The Improv Approach:


We believe when you put the right people on a complex problem, a fresh, powerful custom solution is closer than you might think.

We Understand the Big Picture

We take the necessary time to get a complete picture of your organization’s structure, strategy, and workforce goals.

We Dive into Your Culture

We dive into your processes, your people, and your culture so that your solution echoes the heartbeat of your organization.

We Assess Before Solving

We study and analyze what’s working, what’s not, and how to maximize your Kronos software to visibly impact your outcomes.

We Produce Highly Creative Solutions

We’ve earned our creative stripes. Our consultants are top-tier industry experts who can see beyond the hardware to a customized implementation strategy that works for you.


  • Most organizations only consider the Direct Cost of Operations, which means they are entering into a high-risk scenario by not leveraging the power of their Kronos system.
  • Most companies experience a 17% loss in productivity due to unsuccessful user adoption strategies. (What would a 17% increase in productivity mean to your company?)
  • Right now you are losing money in project and error costs — perhaps a lot of money. When you hire the Improv team you immediately stop the leak and strengthen your ROI.
  • The Improv Approach is designed to deploy your application faster and with less risk, which can immediately reduce operational costs.
  • Most Kronos users aren’t maximizing their horsepower. Our case studies prove it time and time again: The money you save by reducing errors and increasing functionality is a mathematical win.

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