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2024-05-30 01:46:54

The success of a new technology initiative is tied to one thing: people. Improv Change Management Specialists will design and implement a dynamic, user-centric strategy that reflects varying skill levels, learning styles, and methods to address the emotional hurdles that come with a technology change.

Step 1: Define Success

This is the first step in a change management strategy. In this phase we determine your organization’s specific Workforce Management (WFM) goals, the employees that need to be trained on the new software, and what user adoption in your specific organization looks like to you.

Step 2: Assess Threats

It’s human nature: Change introduces friction in any organization. That’s why effective change management includes identifying potential obstacles such as corporate or personal discord.

Step 3: Plan for Success

Determine an executable, detailed Change Roadmap, which recognizes the unique challenges of your organization and identifies the best opportunities to overcome them. Make sure the tempo of technical rollout matches your organization’s capacity for growth, and target communication and training to surmount potential blockers.

Step 4: Communicate Well

The best way to help employees deal with change — and get behind it — is through honest, transparent, and empowering communication. A strong communication strategy should include:

  • Communication Planning: Determine what to communicate and with whom
  • Information Distribution: Determine when to communicate
  • Performance Reporting: Collect, distribute, and share progress and forecasting
  • Administrative Closure: Gather and distribute key information to mark and celebrate the project phase.

Step 5: Prioritize Training

Effective training is an important piece of change management. A comprehensive training strategy includes a training plan, resources, educators and a curriculum.

Improv’s change management experts will help you develop custom training programs that engage your employees in ways that speak uniquely to your culture.

The team at Improv can help with all the issues that arise (and often sabotage) the implementation process. Our experienced team of change management professionals will link arms with you to champion a successful implementation.

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